Black sesame chiffon cake

Hello, the chiffons are back! Did you miss them? (Y/Y.) Well, I did even if no one else did. After quite a long break, I got back into chiffons with a black sesame version. Black sesame seeds are the unhulled seeds of the more common white sesame seeds, and are more fragrant and flavoursome. They’re [...]

Yoghurt Pannacotta Tart

Mama H went home this weekend. ;A; For those not in the know, Mama H had been staying with me for the past two months, which resulted in TWO WHOLE MONTHS of me being thoroughly spoiled. Now that she’s finally gone home, I’m not quite sure I remember how to look after myself. Needless to [...]

Pressure cooker dulce de leche

Have you ever made dulce de leche, caramelised condensed milk, at home? The most common technique – simmering the cans in a saucepan of water for several hours – is easy enough, but I’ve never wanted to spend the time babysitting the pot to make sure it doesn’t boil dry. But making dulce de leche [...]

Matcha chiffon cake

Hello. Another day, another chiffon post. Yes, I’m not bored of them yet. And I hope you’re not either because I have many many MANY more chiffon ideas in my head. And they want to be made and eaten and loved. Last weekend I made this cake to take to lunch that Michelle organised. My [...]

Lamington Chiffon Cake

EVERYBODY. I have an announcement to make. I’m closing ‘off the spork’ and rebranding it to ‘chiffon the spork’. That’s right. It’s going to be all chiffon all the time. I’m starting with this blog and then next – I’m going worldwide. Chiffons everywhere as far as the eye can see!

Lime chiffon cake with lime curd and coconut custard *

It was Alastair’s birthday yesterday, and as per tradition, there was birthday lasagne. Naturally, it’s not a real birthday unless there’s cake, so I asked him what he wanted. “Chocolate?” “What kind of chocolate? Chiffon? Mudcake? Flourless?” “Ahh… how about chocolate beetroot?” During the conversation, I agreed to chocolate beetroot and then later… totally disregarded [...]

Pear and maple syrup cake

Is there anyone out there who actually loves pears? I always think of them as a very boring fruit. There’s a tiny window of ripeness where I think they’re okay, but they go soft and mushy so quickly. I’ve been ordering fruit and veg boxes occasionally, and apart from the dreaded parsley (a bunch showed [...]

Bread Machine Butter Bread ***

Who owns a bread machine? Hands up please. Who owns a bread machine that languishes in a cupboard, never used? Keep your hands up. That was me, until recently. My bread machine sat in the bottom of my pantry for – I kid you not – at least five years, unused. If you own a [...]

Fig Clafoutis

Fresh fig season is the best season (apart from summer, but we’re not counting that). I’m really lucky that my friend’s mum has a large fig tree, and I’ve been reaping the bounty of their harvests. That’s right – free figs all for meeeee. Alastair doesn’t really eat them, so I’ve been scoffing them down [...]

Chocolate brownies

These brownies came about due to op shopping. There’s an op shop near my workplace that I pop into occasionally to look for photography props. Most of the time I come out empty handed but sometimes I get something good. On my last visit, I found something great – a large French crystal cake stand. [...]

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