A day with the Samsung Galaxy A5


Disclosure: The Samsung Galaxy A5 was provided by Edelman Australia and Samsung.

Recently I took the fairly newly released Samsung Galaxy A5 out for a day. I had a wander around the city and met a friend for lunch and took the opportunity to trial the phone.

I love how much phone cameras have improved. They’ve gotten so much better that when we visited Nelson in January, I didn’t use my SLR at all – just my phone. Because I like to leave my SLR at home when I can e.g. during the day when there’s plenty of natural light, a good phone camera is really important to me.


Harris Coffee

Harris Coffee

Brought to you by Nuffnang and Harris Coffee.

Confession time. Who can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning?

If I did a poll of people I know, I’m sure the majority would have their hands up. And mine would be high in the air because there’s not much about coffee that I don’t love: the aroma, the flavour, and even just the ritual of it. Coffee is so popular that it’s the second most traded product in the world (behind oil) which is pretty astounding.

In Australia, more people are focussing on having good quality coffee at home. Almost 40% of people in Australia own a device to make coffee at home, whether it’s something simple like a plunger through to a high end espresso machine (source: Roy Morgan).

My home coffee maker of choice is the Aeropress, so I’m always on the hunt for good coffee beans. Price wise it makes more sense to make your own coffee, with a cup costing a fraction of a cafe coffee, but what I like the most is that I can buy beans and make a brew that suits my personal taste.


Kelly Bros

Kelly Bros

Disclosure: My month trial of weekly produce boxes was courtesy of Kelly Bros.

Last month, I woke up on Thursdays to a box of fruit and vegetables sitting by the front door, thanks to Kelly Bros. No hauling fruit and veg home from the market – it just showed up like magic for a month.

Kelly Bros are a family owned and managed business, who have been farming in Victoria for six generations (!). They farm, they harvest, and they deliver, with three options for home delivered fruit and vegie boxes.

A small box (that I received) is $28 and is good for 1-2 people, weighing about 6-7kg.

A medium box costs $38, suits 3 people or small families, weighing about 10-12kg.

The last and largest box is $45, weighs about 12-15kg and is about right for 4 people or larger families.

All boxes normally contain 3 types of fruit and 10 types of vegetables, with the prices include delivery. Boxes are delivered before 7AM, 6 days a week – the day is determined on which zone your address is located in.


Lipton Pyramid

Lipton Pyramid

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One of the best things about tea – apart from the fact that it’s delicious – is that there’s a type and flavour for almost every occasion.

Need a morning wake up call? How about English Breakfast?

Something slightly sweet for morning tea? A fruit infusion could do the trick.

A refreshing drink after a meal? Mint tea is good for digestion and cleanses your palate.

Or for something more general, I’m a big fan of green tea with jasmine any time of the day.

And if you’re a tea lover like me, you may be interested to know that Lipton have just released a new premium range of teas with larger leaves and real fruit pieces in pyramid shaped bags. The tea bags are different to the more common square tea bags and it’s not for novelty factor. The pyramid shape gives the tea leaves more space to expand and swirl, therefore releasing more flavour.

More flavour = better cup of tea. Excellent.