Prahran Market: Harvest the Sea and the Vine – MFWF

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Prahran Market. It’s that time of year again – yes, it’s March and the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is back. I don’t have much planned for this year’s festival for some reason. I had a bit going on when the program was released last year and just never got [...]

BBQ Festival Masterclass

Disclosure: I attended the masterclass courtesy of the Redheads BBQ Festival and Gram. Normally at 8:30am on a Sunday morning the very last thing you would find me doing is sitting by the beach in St Kilda. But one Sunday in March, there I was sipping a coffee and watching early morning fitness freaks run [...]

Casa & Bottega: MFWF croquembouche class

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival and Casa & Bottega. Ahh croquembouche. Apart from being a tall towering thing of beauty, it’s really fun to say. I’ve always admired them before, but never made one. They just seemed *difficult* but you know what? It was actually much easier than I [...]

Matteo’s: MFWF express lunch

Well now it’s April, and the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival seems like a distant memory. And thank *goodness* for that, because the few weeks of MFWF really stretched my eating pants. Metaphorically of course – those who know me personally know that I don’t wear trousers (because I’m mostly in dresses, in case you [...]

No35: MFWF express lunch

The decision to have an express lunch at No35 was the most annoying process ever. It started off innocently with an email from Thanh asking which restaurants we wanted to dine at during the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival (MFWF). After several, several, SEVERAL emails back and forth, we finally settled on a few dates, [...]

Der Raum: MFWF Cocktails envelop the senses

It felt like I hadn’t seen my friend Maz in weeks. So when she suggested a MFWF event at Der Raum, it only took me a moment. Cocktails and a night out with one of my favourite people? I was definitely there. So, Der Raum. It’s a cocktail bar in Richmond that’s famed for their [...]

Embrasse: MFWF express lunch (closed)

Wouldn’t it be good to be able to tap into a collective memory? Then you would always have access to important details, and it wouldn’t be a problem if your mind was crowded with useless things like the lyrics to “Deep deep trouble” even though you haven’t heard that song for 15 years. (Oh, is [...]

Campari House: a toast to Campari House roasts

As part of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival June roast dinner series, the Boys and I headed to Campari House with Maria and Daz, where we were treated to five grazing courses accompanied by five wines. When we arrived, all the glasses had been lined up on the table, and we were advised that [...]

Royal Mail Hotel On Spencer: Melbourne Food & Wine Festival – Are you game?

Going back to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival for a moment – as well as the Hawkers’ Market, Bro and I also attended the “Are you game?” dinner at the Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer. Also known as the “roadkill” dinner, it was an evening of dishes showcasing different Australian game meats. Apart from [...]

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival: Heat Beads Hawkers’ Market

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival is over for another year. I only went to two events this year, and the first was the very popular Heat Beads Hawkers’ Market held at the Queen Victoria Market. Held on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night, there were two sessions on each evening. We attended the later [...]

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