German FFOF

Hallo! It’s been a while since FFOFs for us. A FFOF (Flickr Fuck Off Feast) is a meal where we cook food that that relate to a particular theme. Alastair and I missed the Greek FFOF due to parental issues (mine came to visit) so I was determined to make the next one. The theme [...]

Poulpe provencal

This was the second dish I made for the French FFOF. I wasn’t wowed by this – I wasn’t impressed with the flavours. I just thought something was lacking. If I made it again, it would need a bit of tweaking. Poulpe Provcencal From Cooking French 500g ripe tomatoes1 kg baby octopus3 tablespoons olive oil1 [...]


One of the dishes I made for the French FFOF (flickr fuck off feast) was croissants. I followed the recipe outlined here, but omitted the vanilla essence. They weren’t difficult to make, but very time consuming. I left 5 hours on the actual day to prepare them, and that still wasn’t enough time. My croissants [...]

French Feast

The latest installment of the FFOF (Flickr Fuck off Feast) was held on Sunday. A FFOF is basically a meal where we decide on a theme, and everyone brings a couple of dishes relating to that theme. The concept started with Tim and a group of his friends, and he spread it to us. We’ve [...]

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