Montalto Piazza Cafe

It was one of the hottest days in 2013, I had a Friday off work, and my DD was back from a month long holiday. It called for a Friday Road Trip. We roped in Thanh and Shellie, piled into Shellie’s car and headed down the Peninsula. On the drive down there was Spice Girls […]

T’Gallant: mushroom foraging

I’m not a big fan of autumn, winter, grey skies, and rain. Every year, I eagerly wait for summer to arrive. But even I must admit that there are some positives to the cold, wet weather – one of them being wild mushrooms. A couple of weeks ago, the Boys and I headed down to […]

Pier 10: Week of Eats

A while ago now, back when my in-laws Annette and Terry were here, we spent a gorgeous Friday down in the Mornington Peninsula laughing, tasting wines, and enjoying the sunshine. Our lunch time view at Pier 10 After stops at two wineries (T-Gallant and Montalto), our lunch stop was Pier 10. Pier 10 used to […]

Montalto: Anniversary picnic

Isn’t it interesting how the older you get, the faster time goes by? Three years ago in March, Alastair and I were married (AWWW) but sometimes it feels like it was just yesterday. Should I write something embarrassingly gushy about love and all that jazz? No, I’ll spare you! Be thankful! Since March is always […]

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