This is a story of how three food bloggers couldn’t organise a dinner to save themselves. Even with the three of us, we couldn’t think of anywhere we wanted to go. After racking our brains (aka Haz and I bullying the youngest into coming up with ideas) the first suggestion was shot down as we [...]

Pacific Seafood BBQ House

This dinner at Pacific Seafood BBQ House was organised through Instagram. Yep, it’s not just for photos of food, cats or sporks, you can also use it to schedule catch ups. This is how it happened. Mr S&H posted Instagram photos of a dinner at PSBH several weeks ago and somehow, through the comments, dinner [...]

Loam, Drysdale

My friend Maztech and I have birthdays a few days apart. For our birthday in 2011, we booked in an early birthday lunch at Loam. We loved it so much that for our 2012 birthdays in December we visited again, dragging along Alastair and Dazzle.

Estelle Bar & Kitchen 2

When my FIL visited over Christmas, one of the few things he requested to do was a degustation. I mean – we could’ve taken him to see the Melbourne sights: the beautiful Yarra River as it glints brownly in the sun, the finger biting excitement of a hook turn in the city, the half finished [...]

Captain Melville

Disclosure: Alastair and I dined courtesy of Captain Melville. Who was Captain Melville? Well, he was was a thief, a gentleman, and a bushranger. In addition, Captain Melville is the name of a recently opened restaurant in Franklin Street that serves restaurant quality pub food.

Mr Huang Jin

Remember when Melbourne was xiao long bao mad a couple of years ago? That’s one food trend I’m happy to consume. And when Sarah posted about Mr Huang Jin’s XLBs recently, I was keen to check them out after an average XLB experience the previous week. Mr Huang Jin are located in the Rialto tower [...]

Gami Chicken and Beer

A life without fried chicken is a life not worth living. It’s true. It’s a shame that fried chicken has been marred by the trashiness of KFC because when it’s done well, it’s a thing of delicious, delicious beauty. At Gami, which I *finally* visited the other week, they serve Korean fried chicken and beer. [...]

Estelle Bar & Kitchen

Many months ago, Alastair and I had lunch at the Estelle with Taz, Haz and Gazman, Kat and Josh plus Ashley. We’re talking middle of winter months ago. I don’t know why it has taken me so long to write about it. It wasn’t because we didn’t have a good time – we had fun. [...]

WTC Wharf Progressive Dinner + a competition

Sponsored by Nuffnang. Why take a regular taxi to dinner when you can go via water taxi? You can do that down at WTC Wharf, one of the latest precincts to pop up in Melbourne recently. WTC Wharf is accessible by Siddeley Street, and is located on the riverside of Melbourne’s World Trade Centre. A [...]

Newmarket Hotel

Note: this is a scheduled post while I’m away. Replies to comments/emails will be even slower than usual. Alastair and I are currently romping around South America – if everything has gone to plan, today we will be on the final leg of the trek to Machu Picchu. Before we left, we had a celebratory-hooray-almost-on-holiday [...]

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