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Taxi: Ducks in a Row luncheon


Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Taxi and Little Big Marketing.

As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Roast series, Taxi are holding a “Ducks in a Row” luncheon each Sunday in June. In case you haven’t figured out from the name, the theme is ducky duck duck, with a 5 course set menu for $85 per person.

Taxi uses free range ducks from a new producer, Great Ocean Ducks, in the Mornington Peninsula. We were told that the ducks are fed strawberries in the summer, and apples in the winter (mostly because that’s what is readily available rather than for flavour purposes). But – cute, right?




This is a story of how three food bloggers couldn’t organise a dinner to save themselves.

Even with the three of us, we couldn’t think of anywhere we wanted to go. After racking our brains (aka Haz and I bullying the youngest into coming up with ideas) the first suggestion was shot down as we would have needed to line up.

The second suggestion didn’t open on a Sunday.

The third suggestion didn’t open on a Sunday. (Are you sensing a pattern here?)

We were all happy with the fourth suggestion (aka it was coming up to Sunday and we had to make a decision). Unfortunately, after Haz and Wince turned up outside the venue, they found that it was closed… even though it was meant to be open.

A last minute suggestion – the fifth so far, for those playing along – was packed, with zero chance of us getting in.

We ended up at Yeonga solely because it was 1: open, 2: close by, 3: had free tables. Winner winner.


Attica: Tuesday Night Chef’s Table


So Attica must be one of Melbourne’s most famous and awarded restaurants. And I finally made it there thanks to Kat, who booked us into dinner for their Tuesday night Chef’s Table.

Run by Chef Ben Shewry, Attica has consistently been recognised as one of Melbourne’s – and Australia’s – top restaurants. Located on a quiet street in Ripponlea (at least, on a Tuesday night), the restaurant inside is quite understated: white linen tablecloths, black walls, and bright spotlights over each table.


Streat 2


I’ve written about Streat before, and I’m posting about it again because I think it’s a bit underrated.

The food at Streat is good, drawing inspiration from different cuisines and places around the world, so it’s not just about bacon, eggs and toast. They don’t need a slick fit out and the latest shiny coffee machines. I like Streat so much that it’s our second most visited cafe (after Reading Rooms).


Proud Mary

Proud Mary

Proud Mary has been around for a while, and from the beginning it’s been hot.

And on a particularly hot Friday temperature wise, I was there for breakfast with my friend Em (Random Friday Off Work – huzzah). It was our second attempt for Random Friday Off Work breakfast there – our first attempt was derailed by Em’s toddler being sick and having to tag along. Proud Mary was a bit too busy for a little kidlet with lots of energy, so we headed somewhere a bit quieter.


Montalto Piazza Cafe


It was one of the hottest days in 2013, I had a Friday off work, and my DD was back from a month long holiday.

It called for a Friday Road Trip.

We roped in Thanh and Shellie, piled into Shellie’s car and headed down the Peninsula. On the drive down there was Spice Girls car singalong (yep, we have no shame), alpaca spotting (llama llama llama!) and a stop at the Vintage Shed for food blogging photo props.


Pacific Seafood BBQ House

Seafood Pacific BBQ House

This dinner at Pacific Seafood BBQ House was organised through Instagram. Yep, it’s not just for photos of food, cats or sporks, you can also use it to schedule catch ups.

This is how it happened. Mr S&H posted Instagram photos of a dinner at PSBH several weeks ago and somehow, through the comments, dinner was organised. I don’t know exactly how it happened, I just showed up. 🙂

Pacific Seafood BBQ House is a cheap and cheerful restaurant on Victoria Street in Richmond. The food order was left to Wince, since he goes there a lot and knows what’s good.


The Reading Room Cafe


We eat at Reading Room Cafe so much it’s a wonder we go anywhere else for brunch.

Melbourne has a ton of cooler than cool cafes, and when I asked the Boys for help with an analogy, they said:

“If Melbourne’s hip cafes are the popular kids, Reading Room Cafe is like that nerdy kid that everyone beats up for his/her lunch money. But then s/he grows up and becomes successful and cool, while the ex-popular kids are working at Hungry Jacks.”

I’m not sure they know what an analogy actually is.

However, Reading Room Cafe is solid (and they are definitely *not* the kid that gets beat up). It’s one of my favourites because it ticks all my boxes:

– The food is good and it’s interesting.
– The menu changes seasonally, with weekly specials.
– The coffee is good.
– It’s close to home.
– We can always get a table without having to wait.


Footscray Milking Station


We’re spoilt for choice for cafes in Melbourne. Totally spoilt. So much so that making a choice can be slightly overwhelming at times.

(And yes, I know – total first world problem.)

So when faced with making an option, I often defer back to our tried and true places to avoid having to think about it.

The other weekend when Alastair and I went out for brunch, I decided it was time for something other than our usual haunts. I remembered that we hadn’t visited Footscray Milking Station yet, so off we went.

Formerly a milk bar, Footscray Milking Station is located on the corner of a quiet residential street away from any other cafes. The interior contains hints of its former use, along with exposed brick walls, heavy wooden tables, milk bottles reused as water vessels, a cabinet of baked goods, and the occasional spot of bright green. It’s not particularly large inside, though there are tables on the front footpath plus a courtyard at the back. On our visit we managed to snag one of the last inside tables.