St Kilda Dispensary

St Kilda Dispensary is a sweet cafe on Brighton Road – near the corner of St Kilda Road and Carlisle Street. The name is a reference to the original usage of the building, which was – surprise surprise – a dispensary. The cafe runs over two rooms, and while small it’s really cute inside, with [...]

Cobb Lane

Pastry chef, Matt Forbes, has been supplying baked goods to various cafes (eg Twenty & Six, Clement, Dukes Coffee Roasters) around Melbourne for a while and recently opened his own venture in Yarraville: Cobb Lane.

Taxi: Ducks in a Row luncheon

Disclosure: I attended courtesy of Taxi and Little Big Marketing. As part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival Roast series, Taxi are holding a “Ducks in a Row” luncheon each Sunday in June. In case you haven’t figured out from the name, the theme is ducky duck duck, with a 5 course set menu [...]


This is a story of how three food bloggers couldn’t organise a dinner to save themselves. Even with the three of us, we couldn’t think of anywhere we wanted to go. After racking our brains (aka Haz and I bullying the youngest into coming up with ideas) the first suggestion was shot down as we [...]

Attica: Tuesday Night Chef’s Table

So Attica must be one of Melbourne’s most famous and awarded restaurants. And I finally made it there thanks to Kat, who booked us into dinner for their Tuesday night Chef’s Table. Run by Chef Ben Shewry, Attica has consistently been recognised as one of Melbourne’s – and Australia’s – top restaurants. Located on a [...]

Streat 2

I’ve written about Streat before, and I’m posting about it again because I think it’s a bit underrated. The food at Streat is good, drawing inspiration from different cuisines and places around the world, so it’s not just about bacon, eggs and toast. They don’t need a slick fit out and the latest shiny coffee [...]

Proud Mary

Proud Mary has been around for a while, and from the beginning it’s been hot. And on a particularly hot Friday temperature wise, I was there for breakfast with my friend Em (Random Friday Off Work – huzzah). It was our second attempt for Random Friday Off Work breakfast there – our first attempt was [...]

Hammer and Tong

Random Fridays off work are the best. The Best. Not just because it means a three day weekend (and when is that going to be implemented world wide? I will join that movement) but because sometimes it means that I get to have breakfast with my friend Em.

Montalto Piazza Cafe

It was one of the hottest days in 2013, I had a Friday off work, and my DD was back from a month long holiday. It called for a Friday Road Trip. We roped in Thanh and Shellie, piled into Shellie’s car and headed down the Peninsula. On the drive down there was Spice Girls [...]

Pacific Seafood BBQ House

This dinner at Pacific Seafood BBQ House was organised through Instagram. Yep, it’s not just for photos of food, cats or sporks, you can also use it to schedule catch ups. This is how it happened. Mr S&H posted Instagram photos of a dinner at PSBH several weeks ago and somehow, through the comments, dinner [...]

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