Cookbook Challenge: Week 16, Noodles

Recipe: Chinese mushrooms with cellophane noodlesFrom: Chinese, the essence of Asian cooking The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “noodles” and for the recipe I’ve gone very Chinese. And by very Chinese, I mean – I’m not sure anyone but us Asians would eat this. :p This week I made Chinese (shiitake) mushrooms with [...]

Spiced aubergine stew

I received Nigel Slater’s Tender for my birthday in December – and it has quickly become one of my favourite cookbooks. Every time I read a bit of it, it makes me want to eat and grow vegetables! The book is set out alphabetically, with each chapter dealing with a different vegetable in the garden [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 10, Cool

Recipe: Iced beetroot soupFrom: Jill Dupleix’s Lighten Up Argh! I’m late for (last week’s) Cookbook Challenge! Despite knowing what I was going to make at the beginning of the week, I’m still late with it! In my defense though, I was going to do it in the weekend but ended up spending all day Saturday [...]

Japan: Koyasan – shojin ryori at Rengejoin Temple

After Takayama, we headed to Koyasan. To get to our accommodation in Koyasan, it took us 7 hours, 7 trains, a cable car and a bus ride! Rengejoin Temple Koyasan, a small town located on Mount Koya, is the center of Shingon Buddhism in Japan. Shingon is a Buddhist sect which was introduced to Japan [...]

Soup Sunday: Spicy lentil, potato and spinach

Gak! I’m being slack with posting Soup Sundays. After this one I still have two to post – plus I’m sure I’ll have a new one this Sunday. Better get on to it! This soup was made on one of those freezing cold evenings we’ve been having lately. I say this every year around this [...]

Portuguese-style chicken curry, daal and cabbage slaw

I’m having difficulty with food blogging at the moment. It’s not due to lack of time or energy. It isn’t because I’m not eating well, or not cooking good food, or not photographing meals. My issue is with the whole stringing words into coherent sentences thing. It seems that food blogging involves more than just [...]

Spicy eggplant and garlic shoots

Remember encyclopedias? Do you remember how those big books took up several shelves? This is a very nerdy thing to admit, but when my parents bought us a set of encyclopedias, I read most of the volumes. Nowadays, with Wikigoogle at our fingertips, who needs encyclopedias filling up the bookshelf? Wikipedia in particular is great. [...]

Garlic shoots and steamed tofu

Firstly, happy Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year! I’ve always liked Chinese New Year, mostly because of the red envelopes that are given out (who doesn’t love a bit of extra pocket money?). Now that I live in a different country to my family, I don’t get many red envelopes anymore. However, a phone call to [...]

Corn and chickpea flour fritters

Like a lot of people who enjoy cooking, I own a few cookbooks. Over Christmas and my birthday, I got given several to add to my collection…. plus I did buy a few myself! I tell myself that I don’t need to feel guilty about my cookbook collection since I do read each one I [...]

Soul Mama (closed)

Last year, Alastair got the opportunity to go to Mumbai for business. While there, he was kindly shown around by a couple of his colleagues in the Mumbai office. This weekend, he finally had a chance to return the favour, when two of those colleagues came over for a visit. On Sunday we took them [...]

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