Universal Restaurant

Disclosure: My meal was courtesy of Food Pampering and Universal Restaurant. Recently I was invited to a lunch at Universal Restaurant by Ashley of Food Pampering, along with a small group of other food bloggers. Located on Lygon Street, Universal Restaurant was established in 1969 – I’m sure that Lygon Street has changed a lot [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 47, Italian

Recipe: A really good spaghetti bolognese From: Nigel Slater’s The Kitchen Diaries The theme for the Cookbook Challenge this week is “Italian”, and after a lot of hunting through my cookbooks, I decided to make bolognese. Normally I don’t follow a recipe for bolognese, but for the purposes of the Cookbook Challenge, I decided I [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 32, Potato

Recipe: GnocchiFrom: Made in Italy Cookbook Challenge… Week 32… Theme: potato… I made gnocchi…. blah blah blah…. My mind is a bit fried tonight. This morning I got out of bed early, made gnocchi, baked muffins, baked a banana cake, and went out to a 1 year old birthday party, where I drank bubbles, and [...]

Gnocchi party: potato gnocchi with blue cheese sauce

Welcome to the gnocchi party! I am just turning up on time to the party – but in my defense it has been a busy week. My mother-in-law Annette, and her husband Terry, have been visiting, and so we have been out all week (it has been a major eating week!). A few weeks ago, [...]

Cookbook Challenge: Week 12, Eggs

Recipe: Oozy egg ravioliFrom: Cook with Jamie Eggs are stupid,Eggs are dumb,So take the eggsAnd stick em up your…….. The theme for this week’s Cookbook Challenge is “eggs” and I actually don’t think eggs are stupid nor dumb. I love eggs! My favourite way of eating them is poached, with a still oozy yolk. Which [...]

Nudel Bar and Society: Ladies who Lunch

This is a double edition of ladies who lunch – I had the pleasure of having two lunches with two friends in the same week. Jo and I went to Nudel Bar for a long over due catch up. It was a cold, wintry day, and I felt like something warm and soupy. So I [...]

Gills Diner

Groin grabbingly good! – Ben To continue the celebration of my Bro’s birthday weekend, we headed to Gills Diner last Saturday night with a few of his friends. The quote above is from our pal, Ben, who requested that I post it on my blog sometime. He is a very articulate man indeed. Gills Diner [...]

Journal Canteen: Ladies who Lunch

Isn’t it annoying how life always gets in the way? When I first started working in the city, my friend Emily and I had the intention of having lunch about once a month. With lots of stuff happening in both our lives, it was difficult to set a date and we skipped a couple of [...]

De Bortoli

Last week was a busy one – work was unusually silly and my mother-in-law, Annette, was visiting. On Monday, Alastair and I took the day off and the three of us headed out to the Yarra Valley for a long lunch. Alastair had a new GPS unit to play with, so we entered a random [...]

Bottega: Ladies who Lunch

My friend Emily and I just managed to sneak the next instalment of Ladies who Lunch into January. The restaurant of choice this time was Bottega, which is located at the top end of Bourke Street, not too far from Parliament. We were offered bread to begin. Really Good Bread. Sometimes it’s the very simple [...]

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