Meal to Share: South African

It’s Meal to Share time! My monthly collaboration with Penny and Celeste where we each cook a course based on a set theme. This month’s theme is “South African” and I was allocated the main course. I made bobotie, which is a baked curried mince dish, with a milk and egg topping.

Cookbook Challenge: Week 33, Seafood

Recipe: Sardine TagraFrom: Rick Stein’s Mediterranean Escapes Occasionally I’ve made things for this blog that seemed like a good idea at the time. And then afterwards, I’ve thought, “What on EARTH was I thinking??” See recent examples: hand pulled noodles, xiao long bao, ladybird cupcakes, to name just a few. I suspect this recipe will [...]

The Abyssinian: Week of Eats

After our short trip to Sydney, we returned to Melbourne with my in-laws, Annette and Terry in tow. Terry in particular really loves food, so I was keen to take them out for some good meals. One evening we went to the Abyssinian – and because Terry is outrageously well travelled, he has actually eaten [...]

The Abyssinian

Recently, to celebrate a friend getting older and wiser, we had a meal at an Ethiopian restaurant located in Flemington, the Abyssinian. The food is based on recipes from the Horn of Africa. The menu was rather long, so we took the easy option and ordered the meat combination platter. The platter comes with slow [...]

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