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Cooking The Books 3: Thai Street Food

I’ve had lots of great eating experiences in the past couple of weeks, but I need to mentally digest them and sort through the photos. So here’s a terribly delayed post with pretty food pictures to start off the weekend instead. 🙂

You may remember a previous Cooking the Books post where a group of us food bloggers caught up and cooked a meal using recipes from Bill Granger’s Holiday. This post is about Cooking the Books 3, where we all cooked recipes out of Thai Street Food. (We’re already planning CTB 6, which just goes to show how far behind I am.)

Cooking the Books: Bill Granger’s Holiday

I’ve been struck down by man-flu this week (i.e. my pathetic-ness and whingieness about being sickness eclipses my actual illness). Instead of staying home in bed to recover, we’ve had a busy weekend of social events, so I’ve shared my pathetic self with friends (though hopefully I haven’t shared my cold!).

One of the social things this weekend was a gathering of a few of my fellow food bloggers for the third edition of “Cooking the Books”. I haven’t even blogged the second one yet, but Shellie and Kat have already blogged this weekend’s catch up. Talk about organised!

But back to the second edition. Late last year, a group of us got together for the second round of “Cooking the Books” – where fellow cookbook addicts gathered for a lunch that’s all made from the same cookbook. We used Bill Granger’s Holiday on this occasion.

(See Shellie’s post on the first Cooking the Books, and Thanh’s post on the second.)