Chocolate ice cream party

What happens when a bunch of food bloggers get together? Yes – there’s food – but occasionally we get a bright idea: “Let’s have an ice cream tasting party.” “Yes! We could all buy a tub of ice cream and rank them.” “Okay, let’s do it!” And so the ice cream tasting party was born.

A very food bloggers’ Christmas (in July)

A recipe for a very food bloggers’ Christmas (in July). Take: One food blogger with very firm ideas on a traditional British Christmas menu. Add one side kick with a house (aka me), happy to go along. Combine with hungry tummies: Kat, Thanh, I-Hua, Adrian, Celeste. Include in the mix the sides necessary for a […]

Macaron making session

Are macarons the new cupcake? They’ve been sweeping the foodie world over the past year and I must admit that the fad has mostly passed me by. But then I freely admit that I’m late to a lot of trends! While I would class myself as a fairly confident baker, I’d never attempted baking macarons. […]

Asparagus and gruyere tart

Cookbook Challenge: Week 52 Theme: Outdoors Recipe: Asparagus and gruyere tart From: AWW Kitchen Recipe 2: Onion Foccacia From: AWW Bake It’s the last week of the Cookbook Challenge! I can’t believe that April, Kat, Shellie and I started it a year ago. 52 themes later, one post and at least one recipe each week, […]

Asian snack food tasting

The idea for an Asian snack food tasting session came out of a Twitter convo with Thanh, Adrian and others. It was one of those ideas that sounded fantastic – a group of us getting together for lunch and tasting dried cuttlefish and dried mangoes. Thanh organised a lunch meet up at Old Town Kopitiam […]

Collins Kitchen, Grand Hyatt: food bloggers dinner

Last MONTH (I cannot believe how behind I am!) I had the pleasure of attending a food bloggers dinner hosted by Nuffnang at Collins Kitchen, Grand Hyatt. You can read other recaps of the dinner at: NuffnangFood Rehab Half EatenHot or NotThe Gourmet ChallengeAddictive and consumingI eat therefore I amIron Chef Shellie EssJay Eats We […]

The Commoner: Food bloggers meet up

We spent several hours on Saturday afternoon at The Commoner hanging out with other food bloggers, thanks to the organisational efforts of Duncan, Sarah and Thanh. It was great to see bloggers from previous meets as well as seeing some new faces. As to be expected with a large bunch of people who love food, […]

Caramelised onion tartlets

I found out a “neat” thing today – chestnuts explode! Fortunately, I have a lovely husband who is currently cleaning my oven while I sit on the couch. If I had bothered to google roasting chestnuts before I popped them into the oven, I would’ve found out that I should’ve cut them first. Whoops! On […]

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