Estelle Bistro: Sunday roast lunch

Estelle Bistro

I haven’t visited Estelle in a while, and since our last visit it has had a make over and become Estelle Bistro. The bistro is more casual than the original and the fine dining has been moved next door to ESP.

I noticed on their website recently (long story as to why I was on their website, but it involved a not very good truffle dinner at a completely different and unrelated restaurant) that Estelle Bistro were holding Sunday roast lunches (3 courses for $50 with a glass of wine). Well. I like Sundays and I like roasts, and I like them even more when someone else is cooking, so roped our friends Maz and Daz for a catch up lunch, deliberately selecting the pork themed lunch.

We were seated in their outdoor dining area, which is completely enclosed and has a wall of edible plants in pots. It was also a sunny day and very pleasant out there.



For the first course, we had a pigs head croquette, which was served with pickled vegetables and gribiche sauce, which is a mayo style sauce mixed with chopped and pickled cucumbers, capers and herbs. The croquette was a perfect rectangle, very crispy with a breaded crumb, and the meat inside was well seasoned and delicious.

Roast pork

The next course was – as mentioned – roast pork. There was pork loin, pork belly, and a big chunk of boiled/steamed broccoli. The pork was cooked really well – the loin was tender and juicy, and the pork belly had its strip of crunchy crackling.

Roast vegetables

Served on the side were some really good roast vegetables – carrot, pumpkin, potatoes and parsnips. The onions were a bit burnt but the rest of the vegies were great, particularly the potatoes that were very crispy.

In addition there was also a green salad.

Apple tarte tatin

Finally, there was dessert, which wasn’t pork themed. 🙂 Instead we were served apple tarte tatin – thinly sliced apples on a crispy buttery pastry, and ice cream. Such a classic dessert and a very pleasant way to end our lunch.

Estelle Bistro

Lunch was excellent and really enjoyable. $50 for 3 courses and wine is a good deal for food of this quality.

Estelle have two more Sunday lunches listed on their website – roast chicken on Sunday 30 August and a Father’s Day on Sunday 6 September. You will want to book.

Estelle Bistro
243 High Street
Phone: 03 9489 4609

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