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If I see something a bit different or unusual on a brunch menu, I’m like a fly to honey. There’s no way I can pass it up, even if it’s not something I was initially feeling like eating.

So – have a look at this lovely egg yolk dribbling its way down that piece of toast. Isn’t that pretty?

This was my breakfast recently at The Pint of Milk, and right now it looks like a relatively normal dish of fried eggs and toast – right?

Let’s have another look.

steak and eggs

So now it’s sausages and fried eggs on toast. It’s a bit more interesting, but… what are the sausages sitting on?

steak and eggs

Oh that? That’s just a piece of steak and chimmichurri sauce.

This is one of those items that I had to order when I saw it on the menu – Argentinian steak and fried eggs on sourdough served with chimmichurri sauce and sliced chorizo ($19). It was a huge meal and I’m sure it was all the calories I needed for the entire day. I was full for hours. It was pretty good, though that was rather a lot of meat for breakfast.


Alastair’s breakfast wasn’t quite as large or calorific. He had scrambled eggs with chives and creme fraiche on sourdough ($11) and added avocado ($3.50). Those eggs looked pretty damn good – so soft.

It’s always funny when we go to cafes and they assume the more “manly” meal is for Alastair and his order is for me, because yes this happened on this day too. 🙂


There was a slightly longer than normal wait for our meals but I wonder if that was due to the cooking of my steak.

pint of milk

But apart from that, we enjoyed our breakfast at The Pint of Milk and will return sometime. And next time I’m sure I’ll be able to try a more usual brunch dish since I’ve already had the steak and eggs.

flat white

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