Frying Colours


In mid-January my parents came over for a brief visit. Unlike their usual 4-6 week stays, on this occasion it was only for a week. They were meant to have a relative with them, and I was tasked with organising a restaurant for dinner, with the usual ‘just book anything, anything is fine’. At the last minute our relative pulled out of the trip, but mum and dad ended up coming anyway.

I had booked a table at Frying Colours in Kensington Village. When Ma arrived, she asked me where I’d booked, saying suspiciously: “It’s not Chinese, is it?”

“No, it’s Korean.”

“Okay good.” (Yes, my Chinese mother doesn’t like Chinese food, something that she feels the need to remind me, not like I would forget being her daughter and all.) Then this was followed up by: “It’s not Korean bbq, is it? I don’t like bbq.”

Sometimes finding a place to eat out can be very trying!

Frying Colours

Frying Colours is a modern Korean restaurant, and they’ve been open for almost a year now and seem to have been a good addition to Kensington Village. Inside it’s sleek but comfortable, with lots of wood and a bit of concrete on show.


Service was very helpful and friendly, and after some guidance on the menu, we decided on several dishes to share. You will note a distinct lack of vegetable matter. I assure you that it wasn’t intentional, and FC actually does have vegetables on their menu.


First up: fries ($3). Almost a vegetable, right? And yes, we totally ordered fries and I’m not ashamed about it because they were good.

Seafood pancake

Mama H loves seafood pancake ($18) so this was the only thing that she specifically requested. FC’s version came out as five separate discs rather than the more usual large pancake, and it was done really well – nicely crispy and not dried out.

Mama H was pleased. Tick.

BBQ platter

This was the FC Mixed Grill ($43) – Frying Colours’ version of Korean BBQ. It came with 3 serves of meat – we had marinated scotch with ssamjang sauce, spicy pork belly with ssamjang sauce, and chicken thigh with ssamjang sauce. You can also order the meats separately as small / large serves if desired.

BBQ platter

This was BBQ to Mama H’s satisfaction because they cooked all the meat on the chargrill in the kitchen. All of the meats were pretty good, but to my surprise my favourite was the chicken thigh, which seemed to pick up the most smoke flavour from the chargrill.

Fried chicken

We had to order fried chicken of course, and we had a whole serve – half original and half spicy (half $19 / whole $34). The chicken is fantastic – crunchy but juicy inside. I’m not sure which flavour I like more, but I think original edges out the spicy because it’s crunchier.


And finally, there was pork bibimbap ($19), which came out in a hot stone bowl with lots of vegetables and a raw egg yolk.

Frying Colours

And the verdict? As for myself, I liked Frying Colours, but more importantly – my parents were happy (and therefore we were all happy). Well done FC, well done.

Frying Colours
520 Macauley Road
Phone: 03 9939 9679

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