Don’t Tell Charles

Don't Tell Charles

I found out about Don’t Tell Charles thanks to a bicycle.

Really, a bicycle.

Normal signage is so pervasive that it’s easy to ignore. But Don’t Tell Charles (DTC) advertised themselves on a bicycle propped on a lamp post – and it totally worked!


DTC are a small (emphasis on the small) cafe underneath one of Kensington’s tall apartment blocks on Speakman Street.

Coffee and puff daddies

They sell coffee and sweet baked things – muffins, tarts and macarons. I have seen savoury rolls/baguettes for sale (possibly only during the weekend?), but it’s really only about the coffee and baked sweets.

It’s pretty neat.

Puff daddy and muffin

We didn’t really what to expect on our first visit there several months ago, and ordered coffees and a muffin and something they called a puff daddy to share. What was a puff daddy? Who knew, but the name and the fact that it contained peanut butter was enough to intrigue me. And oh my.

The muffin was good, but the puff daddy was filled with peanut butter custard and stole my heart.


Since then we often drop by for coffee and something sweet. When there aren’t any puff daddies available we share a muffin, which are always generously sized.

Chocolate puff daddy

But my favourite things are still the puff daddies. They seem to be a choux pastry with a layer of biscuit crumble topping, and filled with flavoured custard.

Inside puff daddy

So far of the puff daddies, we’ve tried chocolate, salted caramel and peanut butter, and it should be of no surprise that peanut butter remains my favourite of them all.

Unfortunately since the first time, I haven’t seen a peanut butter one available again – we might be dropping in at the wrong time or too late. Fingers crossed that it returns to my life.

Salted caramel puff daddy

I haven’t tried it yet, but on the last Sunday of each month they serve a High Tea (bookings required, Feb sold out according to FB) and it appears from their website that late night desserts and a wine bar is to come. Great stuff.


Don’t Tell Charles
B1/70 Speakmen Street
Kensington VIC 3031
Phone:0439 528 525

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