Disclosure: My meal was courtesy of DuNord.

You have to love Melbourne.

Pretty much whatever cuisine tickles your fancy – you can find it.

Feel like – oh, I don’t know – Nordic cuisine? Because if that’s what you’d like, trot on down to DuNord on Little Bourke Street, where they serve Nordic-inspired cuisine and cocktails.

Salt and vinegar branches

I ate at DuNord recently at a bloggers’ dinner, and after settling in with a cocktail, head chef Matti Fallon brought out some table decorations.

No, not really. This was actually the first of the food. Everything in the vase was edible: salt and vinegar “branches” made with dark rye bread and dark Danish beer. As well as the branches there was sorrel, deep fried saltbush, and wild cabbage, all sitting in a dill cream.

Ocean trout, linseed and buttermilk

Next up we had cubed ocean trout on a nutty linseed cracker, and some dots of buttermilk sauce. This was a very tasty little bite.

Smoked herring, potato, pork skin and foraged puree

My favorite dish of the night was this one: a whole crumbed smoked herring, on top of potato and foraged puree. The crumb of the herring contained pork skin, and it was great – creating a crunchy, savoury skin.

Duck and bacon pyttipanna with onion and rosehip - wild cabbage leaves

The last savoury dish was a duck and bacon pyttipanna with onion and rosehip, covered in large purple cabbage leaves, and topped with an egg yolk. Pyttipanna is commonly made with potatoes, onions and any chopped / minced meat – a kind of Norwegian bubble and squeak.

Duck and bacon pyttipanna with onion and rosehip

I really appreciated the cabbage leaves – I hope they weren’t mostly for garnish because I found that they helped cut through the meatiness of the duck and bacon filling.

Beetroot panna cotta

And finally, for dessert we had beetroot panna cotta. The sorbet and panna cotta had a sprinkling of sherbert, which gave it that distinctive tingly sensation. I loved this dessert: beautifully presented, delicious and a bit fun.


I enjoyed the dinner at DuNord – Nordic food isn’t that common in Melbourne so it was really good to try something different. I don’t think I’ll be making it to Scandinavia any time soon, so in the meantime DuNord will be as close as I’m going to get.

367 Little Bourke Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone:(03) 9642 0052
Web: dunord.com.au

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