Mr Ed


A horse is a horse, of course, of course,
And no one can talk to a horse of course,
That is of course, unless the horse,
Is the famous Mister Ed.

Does anyone else remember this show? And did anyone else ever want to now why Mister Ed talked? Or why he only talked to Wilbur? Did Mister Ed *really* speak or was Wilbur crazy? So many questions!

Fortunately Mr Ed the cafe doesn’t throw up quite so many questions. It’s a newish cafe on Racecourse Road, and must have opened in the past couple of months because I noticed it the other week when we drove past.

Pulled pork

Mama H is back in town, so Alastair and I took her out to breakfast at Mr Ed last Saturday before going to the Asian supermarket for food supplies (KFL on Racecourse Road is the best, y/y).

The cafe is bright and white and decorated with funky black and white murals. The room is quite long, with the counter and a cabinet of baked goods near the back. They have a breakfast menu, and lunch style dishes and sandwiches are written up on a blackboard hanging on one of the walls.

Pulled pork

We were there relatively early and ordered off the breakfast menu. My choice was the braised pulled pork with a potato and feta hash cake, topped with a fried duck egg and hollandaise sauce ($18). Sometimes pulled pork can be a bit dry, but fortunately this wasn’t the case here: it was tender and flavoursome and topped with a good amount of hollandaise. I did feel like there was too much pork as it was double the size of the potato cake. I enjoyed it but would have really liked less meat and a piece of toast, as once I finished the potato cake I didn’t feel like eating the rest of the pork by itself.

Bubble and squeak

Mama H ordered the Bubble and Squeak ($16.50) with potato, sauteed cabbage, bacon, poached egg and rye croutons. When ordered, we were advised that it was a wet dish – more like a stew – rather than a fried bubble and squeak. I don’t think Mama H has any idea of what Bubble & Squeak is normally like, so it didn’t matter, but I’m happy that we were told. Mama H looked like she enjoyed it because she ate the whole thing.


Alastair’s breakfast was the crumbed corn and paprika cake, which came with smoked salmon, avocado cream and fresh horseradish ($18). This was prettier when it came out – all my jostling around made it topple over. It had a thick fried corn cake disc, slices of smoked salmon and a generous amount of avocado cream.

We all enjoyed our breakfasts at Mr Ed – I would visit again. Oh and if you like puns, you need to check out their sandwich menu. So punny…

Go right to the source and ask the horse,
He’ll give you the answer that you’ll endorse,
He’s always on a steady course,
Talk to Mister Ed.

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Mr Ed
285 Racecourse Road
Flemington / Kensington VIC 3031
Phone: 03 9376 6444

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