Cold brew coffee


Hey, it’s summer.

And surprise! It’s hot! Well, it’s not that hot *today* but it was stupidly hot last week, and we have another bout of 40°C weather coming up early next week.

What to do when it’s already 30°C at 7am and getting a bit too warm for coffee?

Never fear coffee addicts, there’s always cold brew.


Cold brew coffee is when coffee grounds are steeped in cold/room temperature water. The ground coffee is mixed with cold water, left alone for about 12 hours, and then strained. That’s it, basically. Not only is it super easy – as long as you’re prepared – it’s also delicious.

So why cold brew? It’s not just so you can drink coffee cold. Brewing this way results in a very smooth, rounded coffee with much less acidity. IT IS DELICIOUS.


The coffee can be brewed in almost anything. I use a French Press, with a ratio of 1/3 cup of ground coffee to 1.5 cups of cold water. It gets left out on the bench overnight, and then strained into a bottle after 12+ hours of steeping. The coffee then goes into the fridge, where apparently it can last for up to two weeks, although mine always gets drunk way way way before then.


It’s meant to be a concentrate, but I don’t find that it needs diluting – I just add a generous amount of ice and off I go.

It’s going to be hot on Tuesday, but there’s enough time to prep some coffee. Go forth and cold brew.