Cobb Lane


Pastry chef, Matt Forbes, has been supplying baked goods to various cafes (eg Twenty & Six, Clement, Dukes Coffee Roasters) around Melbourne for a while and recently opened his own venture in Yarraville: Cobb Lane.

Cobb Lane

Alastair and I visited on a sunny Friday (my birthday!) for brunch before heading away for the weekend. The cafe is small – it seats about 16 – and is decorated with white painted brick, blonde wood furniture, and accents of turquoise and blue. At the back is a large counter displaying sandwiches, pastries and other sweet treats.

British Breakfast

The breakfast menu is brief, with a few cooked options, and sandwiches and pastries from the cabinet at the counter.

My eye immediately went straight to the British Breakfast ($17.50) which came with a Scotch egg, British style black pudding, thick cut bacon with house made HP sauce and Welsh rarebit on brioche.

Scotch egg

I had actually forgotten what was included in my breakfast, so had no idea what the big brown ball was until I cut it open. Scotch egg surprise! (No toy included.)

Fortunately birthday food has no calories because my brunch had multiple types of fatness. It was delicious but wowee.

Salmon and rye

Alastair had the incredibly pretty (and much healthier) salmon and rye ($18.50) – house made gin cured salmon with soft poached egg, peas, radish and rye bread. Very, very pretty – look at that presentation.

Soft egg

The poached egg had been hiding underneath all the sprouts.


Of course, I couldn’t leave without a doughnut. There were four types on sale that day (all $4.50 each): raspberry and lychee jam with rose custard; salted caramel; violet sugar, cherries and pistachio custard; and gingerbread custard.


I decided on gingerbread custard. These doughnuts are so good: soft and slightly chewy, covered in crunchy sugar.

Gingerbread custard

Inside was the gingerbread flavoured custard. It was lovely, though I did think they could’ve ramped up the spices in the custard. More gingerbread, more.

Blueberry danish

Alastair’s brunch wasn’t that filling so he had a blueberry danish, which looked really good with nice flakey pastry.

Cobb Lane

The worst thing about Cobb Lane is that it’ll probably be impossible to get a seat – we were lucky that morning and entered just as someone was leaving. But if it’s full no matter, buy yourself a doughnut or several and life will be sweet.

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Cobb Lane
13 Anderson Street
Yarraville VIC 3013
Phone: (03) 9689 0664

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