Twenty & Six Espresso

Twenty and Six

Do you want to hear something dumb?

I (occasionally and only when Alastair and I are alone) burst into spontaneous jingles narrating whatever I might be doing at the time.

At the supermarket buying snacks? “Buying all the snacks, buying all the snacks, I’m at the supermarket buying all the snacks.”

You get the idea.

Flat white

Alastair and I went to Twenty & Six Espresso one Saturday for breakfast. It’s a pretty small cafe (MELBOURNE. Why are all your cafes so small and so popular?!) but we were lucky to get a seat almost straight away. It’s really cute inside – particularly the wall sketches: a deer saying hello, a Freddie Mercury, and a paper plane. Even the bare lightbulbs were stylish.

By the counter were amazing looking doughnuts, and as we sat down, I told Alastair that we were having a doughnut after breakfast.

And then I started singing (quietly, because the tables are so close together you can hear everything your neighbours say) a doughnut song: Doughnut, doughnut, gonna eat a doughnut. La la la gonna eat myself a doughnut. Etc.


But before sweets, I must have savoury. So for breakfast I chose one of the specials that day – truffled brioche French toast with braised mushrooms, whipped goats curd and herbs ($16.90). Savoury French toast! Yes!

Aaaaand… it would’ve been amazing except the mushrooms were super salty. Really salty.

The Russian

Alastair ordered the Russian – lemon house cured salmon tartare, free range poached egg, cress, dill creme fraiche, with multigrain toast adding on avocado ($17.90 without avo, $21.40 with avo). It looked amazing – a very inventive brunch dish.

Buuuuut unfortunately it suffered the same problem as my breakfast – Alastair mentioned that the salmon tartare was too salty.

Long black

After eating, Alastair then said to me, “Shall we go?”

I was outraged. Without my doughnut? After I sang a doughnut song for ten minutes? NEVER.


The cafe had gotten quite busy by that time, but eventually I managed to flag someone down to order a doughnut. They had plain custard versions and peanut butter custard ones. Gee, just guess which one I had?


And it was totally deserving of a song. That crunchy sugar, soft dough, peanut butter custard, oh my gawd.

Twenty and Six

Even though our meals were a bit too salty, I’d still head back to Twenty & Six Espresso and give them another shot. The other food they serve looks interesting (pulled pork sliders, lemon curd brioche French toast, crispy fried prawns with jalapeno cheese grits). Plus DOUGHNUTS.

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Twenty & Six Espresso
594 Queensberry Street
North Melbourne 3051
Phone: 03 9329 0298

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