The weeks in brief: 23 September – 13 October

Lion fish

Hi, how are you?

Bomba Bar

First up: The Aylesbury has recently reopened as Bomba Bar, a casual(ish) Spanish eatery (disclosure, I was invited to eat there).

Bomba food

We ate pretty much all of the menu (oink oink) so I can tell you that the food is mostly very good. More in depth post to come.

Twenty & Six

In the past couple of weeks, Alastair and I had breakfast at Twenty & Six Espresso.

Twenty & Six

Where I ate mushrooms on savoury brioche French toast. It would’ve been amazing except… it was really salty.


But the peanut butter custard donut I ate afterwards was fantastic. How can you go wrong? Peanut butter. Donut.

Wee Jeanie

Another breakfast – we caught up with Dany at Wee Jeanie. This was Dany’s fancy bacon and eggs (my dish – a bacon and egg sandwich – wasn’t pretty enough hurrr). The food seemed pretty simple there, but the staff were very friendly.


I also had breakfast for lunch at Hannah on Chapel Street in St Kilda. Baked beans, mhmmmm.


At some point Alastair and I had lunch at Dumplings Plus in Highpoint. Tip: don’t bother with the XLB, they were terrible. The other dumplings were better, though I wouldn’t make a special trip. It’s one of those “eat there if you’re there” places.

The Merrywell

Last week we went to see Gravity 3D. It’s visually spectacular though the story is a bit… well, it could’ve been better. It really did look amazing though.

We had dinner afterwards at The Merrywell, where Alastair had a meat on meat burger topped with an egg (really, I think it was a huge meat pattie on top of braised beef).

The Merrywell

I had these chicken ribs that reminded me a lot of char siu. They were pretty tasty but I don’t know what the popcorn was doing there, that was weird.

Chocolate & honey workshop

On Thursday I went to a Chocolate & Honey workshop with Daisy (disclosure, I went as one of Daisy’s guests). At the workshop we learnt all about bees (bees are really cool, yo) and tasted honey.

Chocolate & honey workshop

And then we learnt about chocolate and tasted various dark chocolates and finished with a chocolate dessert.

Hard night, I know.

Chocolate biscuits

Now on to a couple of things I’ve made: I suggest you bake these chocolate biscuits. Snap snap.

Goat curry

And look. Goat curry. 😀

That’s all from me. What have you been eating?