Malaysia / Borneo: Kuching – Top Spot Food Court


Editing holiday photos is so. freaking. boring.

Normally I force myself to edit them within the first couple of weeks of arriving home. But this time, I haven’t done it and a month has gone past, and they keep niggling at me.



At least I’ve edited a few. Enough to put up one post!

As mentioned, we spent a couple of weeks in Malaysian Borneo at the end of July. Our first stop was Kuching, the capital of Sarawak.

Our hotel gave us a map, so I used that to navigate our way around the town and look for places of interest. It wasn’t a very good map. We did a lot of walking around in the heat to find that places marked on the map didn’t actually exist. Erm.

I thought Top Spot Food Court was going to be one of these non existent places. We could see a sign, but couldn’t find an entrance to the food court, and there didn’t seem to be anyone around during the day.

Beer and sugar cane juice

When we returned at night time to give it another shot, I was sure that I could smell food. It turns out that the food court was on the very top level of what is otherwise a multi storey carpark. I followed my nose and the sounds of frying woks to find it.


Once upstairs, the entire top level opened out to numerous food stalls and tables and chairs. The food stalls were all mostly selling seafood (there were a few selling other things, but not many) and – after looking around – they all looked pretty similar so we just picked one.


We ordered a couple of these beautiful (and large) freshwater prawns.

Freshwater prawns

They were simply cooked with garlic and butter and were very fresh and sweet.


The stallholder suggested that we try midin, a fern that grows in the jungles of Sarawak. Stir fried with belacan, it was crunchy and delicious.


We returned on a different night, trying out a different stall.

Butter squid

We pretty much ordered the same things as last time (hey – if it works) except we also got a plate of butter squid.

Err, okay this was weird. It was coated with a buttery soft crumbed batter – which is fine – except it was really sweet.


We also had another plate of midin. I liked it a lot.

Fresh water prawn

And more of those fresh water prawns. These ones were even larger than the previous evening.

Food court

I’m glad we persisted and eventually found Top Spot. But who builds a food court on top of a car park? Sheesh. šŸ™‚

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Top Spot Food Court
Jalan Bukit Mata Kuching