Cafe Cui

Cafe Cui

What’s your thoughts on the best brunch dish?

Smashed avocado?

Corn fritters?


French Toast?

How about baked eggs? Baked eggs should definitely be up there, in my opinion.


When Alastair and I visited newish Footscray cafe, Cafe Cui, before our holiday, we discovered three baked egg options on their breakfast menu, along with the more usual breakfast dishes like eggs florentine, eggs benedict, French toast and poached / scrambled / fried eggs. Three is quite a lot considering it’s not a big menu.

Baked eggs

Alastair and I both went with baked eggs. He chose the Shakshuka egg bake ($12) – with braised capsicum, tomato, and middle eastern spices.


And I had the Moroccan spiced chicken egg bake ($14) – the chicken had been braised with Moroccan spices (I’m guessing cumin, coriander and paprika) and two poached eggs had been baked in the thin sauce. It was not bad – could’ve used a bit more salt (ooh and chilli) – but otherwise fine. I liked the idea behind it.

(If you’re wondering, the third egg bake is a Manhattan sausage and egg bake, and contains sausages, spinach and feta.)

Cafe Cui

I must have not seen the New Yorker’s steak and eggs baguette on the menu – a baguette filled with steak, sunny side up eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes. I’m sure I would have ordered it if I’d seen it. I want it next time.

I think Cafe Cui has potential. Lunch looked like it could be good – if you’re not into soup, pasta or lasagne there’s always Philly cheesesteak and pork sliders.

Cafe Cui

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Cafe Cui
58 Leeds Street
Footscray VIC

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