Wine Selectors

Wine Selectors

Disclosure: Thanks to Wine Selectors for the wine.

It’s interesting how your tastes change and evolve as you get older.

I still remember hating blue cheese.

I still remember hating dark chocolate.

I still remember hating red wine.

Now, of course, I love those three things. Let me at them! Particularly red wine. Yes, bring it to me.

Wine Selectors is Australia’s largest independent direct marketer of wine selling wine online. They have a large selection of wine for purchase on their website, as well as their Chef’s Series range of wines.

The Chef’s Series is a range that Wine Selectors worked on in partnership with some of Australia’s favourite chefs: Alastair McLeod, Guy Grossi, Ben O’Donoghue, Ian Parmenter and Frank Camorra.

Wine Selectors

Wine Selectors offered me two bottles of wine to try. Being a mostly red wine drinker, I selected a bottle of the Grossi Barbera 2011 and the Ian Parmenter Pinot Noir 2011.

(Don’t you just love the little drawing on the Ian Parmenter Pinot Noir? And the slogan on the Grossi Barbera is also great. So cute.)


Right! Wine!

We tasted the Grossi Barbera 2011 first. I haven’t drunk much Barbera before. It had a deep plum colour, and we found it very aromatic with berry notes and low tannins. I really liked this wine, it’s exactly what I like to drink.

Pinot Noir

The Ian Parmenter Pinot Noir 2011 was a very different wine. It was a lighter cherry crimson, with a thinner body. Very clean with cherry aromas.


These wines are only available from Wine Selectors or in the respective chef’s restaurants, so check out the Wine Selectors website for more info and to see the other wines in the range.