The weeks in brief: 1 July – 21 July


Whoops! I lost track of my weeks, so this post has three weeks worth of blah blah blah. 🙂


But before we get into things – guess where Alastair and I are??


Here’s a clue: it’s NOT here.

See that frost? There is no frost where we are.


See that mist on a cold morning? It’s not cold where we are.

Not at all. In fact, the temperature forecast for today is 34°C.

Let me say that again. 34°C 34°C 34°C 34°C 34°C 34°C. MY HEART IS CRYING TEARS OF JOY.

Anyway, I won’t rub it in any more (34°C). We’ve gone to Borneo for two weeks. We’re currently in Kuching and will then be going on to Kota Kinabalu.

Obviously, more on Kuching and KK later. 🙂


Err, what did I do during the last three weeks… there was a Jazz apple masterclass with Alana Lowes (disclosure: invited). She fed us pork ribs and apple slaw. Good way to win my heart.

He Says She Says

There was lunch at He Says, She Says with April, Lky, Kat and Josh. That post is coming up next week.


I baked beetroot brownies – check out the recipe.


There was waffles for breakfast one Sunday. 🙂


Another waffle shot because there can never be enough.

Computer cat

Heh stupid cat. He likes cuddles.


I had a beautiful Japanese breakfast at Cibi with my friend Em. So good. Post coming up on Cibi, it’s so sweet there.


Last Friday I had a MEGA MEGA MEGA Korean fried chicken craving.

We ended up at Hallah with Kat and Josh (long boring story, it was the fourth choice) because I knew they did fried chicken.

Except… no fried chicken until after 9pm. WHAT IS THIS.

Anyway, we settled for bbq and that was okay.

No fried chicken. 🙁 I was disappointment.

Taro balls

Alastair took me to Dessert Story for consolation dessert.


Last Sunday it was Bastille Day! I hosted a French potluck, and there. was. so. much. food.

(As always.)


This isn’t even half of it.

I made a caramelised onion and blue cheese tart (awesome) and a sausage cassoulet (which was only a cassoulet in the loosest sense of the word).

Common Ground

There was lunch with my work BFF at Common Ground after three weeks apart (tears).

Common Ground

Look at my bagel with lamb and pickles. So simple but so yum. Common Ground is cuteeee.

Dumb cat

This cat isn’t though. His face is dumb.

(Do you all know I have two cats? This one gets more photos, even though he’s not as attractive. I really love his stupid face and dumbness. Seriously, he’s REALLY dumb, and I say that in the most loving way possible.)


Yesterday there was a tour of the Griffiths’ roasting factory (disclosure – invited). We got to wander around the roasting factory and see all the big machines – so cool.

Afterwards there was coffee (natch) and a very, very speedy cupping session. I am so terrible at identifying aromas and flavours – waaaah. Everyone is going “nutty, caramel, fruity, berry, popcorn” and my head is all “acid, chemical, leather, laundry” (yeah, I know wtffffff). It was fun though.

Graham hotel

Afterwards there was lunch at the Graham Hotel – check out this honey glazed confit duck leg with cavolo nero and quince jus. The. Yum.

After storm

Righto. Have a lovely couple of weeks – I definitely will in the warmth and sunshine and seafood and general holiday happiness (did I mention 34°C….?). 😀