Cibi is so sweet.

So sweet.

Cibi is a cafe with Japanese leanings, located in Collingwood on a street that’s a strange mix of industrial / commercial / quiet residential.

One sunny Friday, I had breakfast there with my dear friend Em.


Em had the Cibi breakfast – a half boiled egg with avocado on sourdough toast served with green salad ($12).


Mine was the house made tomato salsa, boiled egg, gruyere cheese on toasted sourdough with green salad ($13.50). The salsa gave the egg and cheese some tangy, sweet/sour goodness.

The food was simple but lovely – and just right portion wise.


We liked Cibi so much we scheduled another catch up there, but this time on a weekend.

Why the weekend? Because on Saturdays and Sundays, Cibi do Japanese breakfasts.

There’s three options on the menu for the Japanese breakfasts. There’s a traditional option – with salmon, omelette / tamagoyaki, green vegetables, potato salad, brown rice and miso soup.

More vegetables

And then there’s a “more vegetables” ($16.50) choice, which Em had. This also comes with tamagoyaki, seasonal green vegetables, potato salad, brown rice and miso soup, with the addition of pumpkin nimono.


The last option is the “Ultimate” ($21.50) and of course I had to go for an ultimate breakfast. 🙂

This has grilled sliced salmon fillet, tamagoyaki, seasonal green vegetables, potato salad, CIBI home made pickles / tsukemono, natto, umeboshi / sour plum, nori, brown rice and miso soup.

Natto etc

The pickles, natto, umeboshi and nori came on a separate plate.

miso soup

The miso soup is superb and packed with ingredients.

Soy sauce

The Japanese breakfasts are really nice. They feel really wholesome and full of goodness.

Green tea

And look at this beautiful cup of green tea.

Cibi interior

Like I said – Cibi is so sweet. The food is homely and simple but ultimately delicious. It is so nice.

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45 Keele Street
Collingwood VIC 3066
Phone: (03) 9077 3941

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