The weeks in brief: 20 May – 2 June

Night sky

Busy fortnight. I looked at all these pictures and was surprised they were from the last two weeks. O_o

Hi ho a merry-o.

Station Hotel

Things kicked off with The Best of Europe event at Station Hotel for Good Beer Week (disclosure: Alastair and I attended thanks to Gram).

Station Hotel

Not a surprise, the food was awesome. And I seriously had a moment with this sour cherry chocolate creme brulee. Ffff.


There was a Random Friday Off Work, and I took the opportunity to have breakfast with my friend Em. Our agreed meeting place turned out to be closed before 11am (fail planning) so we went to Cibi instead.

Cibi is so cute. We’ve got a date to head back in a month or so for one of their weekend Japanese breakfasts. 🙂


Special beef is special. Nothing else to say about this, folks.

Open Pantry

Last Saturday was Ballarat Road Trip with Haz, Gaz, Mr DH, Daisy and Mr Bao.

The purpose was to go op shopping, but it was pretty much a failure. We only made it to 3 (?) places – everything else was closed, despite Daisy calling all the shops on our list during the week to check opening times. Grrraaaaah.

Open Pantry

Oh well, it’s about the journey, right? And we got to have a nice lunch and spend time together. Yey. This is my giant pumpkin and almond agnolotti with burnt butter and sage.


Later that night, Thanh and Alastair joined us for dinner at ChangGo aka Eight Flavour Pork Belly aka “8 colorful flavors of pork”.

Wait for the blog post, folks.

Pork chop

On Sunday I cooked more pork because we’d apparently not eaten enough the night before…


Catspam time!

Look they’re FRIENDS. Awww. (Also Fat One was weighed at the vet this week and has lost weight! A whole 100 grams. Hey, down is down and shush I don’t want to hear that it’s probably within the margin of error for the scales. He’s BIG BONED OKAY.)

Dessert story

I’ve been craving Asian desserts this week, so we stopped by Dessert Story. This is Alastair’s mango sago. I had black sesame tofu pudding but there was no way to make that look like anything but sludge, so I didn’t bother with a photo. It was the yum (but the black sesame soup wasn’t as good as my mum’s, hardly surprising).


Bro and Bro’s gf took us out to dinner on Friday night to Chiba. Just LOOK at the bunny plate. It’s even got a tail! SO CUTE.

There was also sushi and sashimi served on a boat. That’s right, a boat. Everything’s better on a boat.


And last night there was an impromptu meat up (ahahaha good lord someone stop me) with Haz, Gaz and T.Do.

Everyone, dinner was so good. Sooo good. Go to Meatmother!


This is what happens whenever I need to look for cutlery for a photo. Everything gets dumped on to the floor. I need a better system. Also – play spot the spork(s).

Beef ribs

And finally – this was dinner tonight. Beef ribs that I cooked in the pressure cooker with a sticky, spicy, sweet sauce. Yeah yeah.


That’s meeee. How you be?