The weeks in brief: 17 June – 30 June

Frosty morning

I have amassed a lot of photos from the last fortnight.

You are warned.


But before we get into that: catspam. Yay.

Lamb shanks

Okay, here we go. For dinner one night I made lamb shanks with quinces and chickpeas. Look, I blogged it already. 🙂 (Spoiler if you haven’t read that post – needs more work.)

Gong cha

There was Gong Cha.

Cafe Vue

And… a quick trip to Auckland. Bro and I traveled together, and before our flight we had breakfast at Cafe Vue.

A BLACK COFFEE WAS $4.60. And it was shit. Grump grump grump. Paying $4.60 for a crap coffee gave me the rage.

Croque monsieur

At least the croque monsieur was tasty. It kind of made up for the crap coffee. Kind of.


And then we were in Auckland.

Bon Bon

Where we hung out with the parents and extended family. This is my Aunt’s dog, Bon Bon. He is ridiculous. (Dumbest dog ever, I swear to god.)

Peking duck

In Auckland we ate a lot of Chinese meals.

Yum cha

There was also yum cha.

Yum cha 2

On a couple of occasions. (Hah, these photos were taken several days apart. Apparently I really like this frame.)

Golden custard bun

This custard bun was so oozy. Yum.


Oh look at Auckland.


Look again at Auckland.

No tree hill

Now look at No Tree Hill.

Mission Bay

Sunshine, ocean and beach deserves a fingerbomb.


We ate a lot of Chinese food, but we didn’t only eat Chinese food. There was one meal where I had gnocchi. Actually, I think that was the only non-Chinese meal…

Jelly tip

Ice creams don’t count. Jelly Tip!

Peanut butter chocolate

It was a brief visit, but good for what it was, I guess. Well, it was good to see the parents and the extended family.

And we stocked up on chocolate to bring home. 🙂


Okay, on to this weekend!

Quince and apple tart

This weekend I baked a quince and apple browned butter tart. It was SO GOOD. I will be blogging the recipe soon.


I also went to The Langham for afternoon tea (disclosure: I was invited). It’s been a couple of years since I last went to the Chocolate Bar afternoon tea, and since that time there has been a change to the head pastry chef.

It was lovely, as always. And guess what? No sugar headache this time. Woot.


Also this weekend – friends Maztech and Dazzle gifted me a new spork. Watch out fellow diners, watch out.

Osso bucco

This was dinner tonight – osso bucco braised with dark beer and vegemite.

Blue sky

It’s been a lovely weekend, but all good things come to an end. Happy Monday for tomorrow all…