The weeks in brief: 6 May – 19 May


Okie dokie. Here’s the goings on from the past fortnight.


Last week I went to a Bosch cookoff event (disclosure: invited) hosted by Ian Curley (of the European).


We were split into groups to “cook” (in the loosest sense of the word). Basically it involved us standing around taking photos and very occasionally getting our hands dirty. I was on Team Beef Wellington with Daisy and Lianne – look at our beef wellingtons in the oven.

The other teams made crab linguine (ahmaaaazing), paella and dessert was trifle.


This post is interrupted for catspam.

You’re welcome.


Last weekend I had lunch with Haz and Gazman. Sunday lunch time cocktails? Yes please.


The food at BangPop was pretty good. More later.

Gong Cha

After lunch I succumbed to the lure of Gong Cha. Yes.

The love affair is still going strong.


Do you like my new sporks? April helped me buy the plates and sporks. Yes, more for my collection. Yay!

Care package

ALSO, congratulations to April and Lky for the birth of Peanut this week. Here’s the little care package I put together for them: baby lasagna, frozen cookie dough, beer, and chocolate. All good things. Congrats again you two. <3 Taxi

Yesterday I was invited to Taxi for a preview luncheon – they are holding a duck themed 5 course lunch every Sunday in June as part of the MFWF Roast Collection.

There was was duck dumplings, duck sushi, duck soup and roast duck. So delicious.

Tarte Tartin

And dessert was this fantastic tarte tartin.

More in depth post to come.


Last night it was the final dinner with the parents before they went home. Waaaaah. We went to Aangan in West Footscray for dinner and lo the food was good and the parents even approved.

(This never happens, I don’t know what has happened to them.)

Reading Room

This morning we had a pre-airport drop off breakfast at Reading Rooms – poached eggs and black pudding for me.

Then we dropped them off and they went home. I am sadness.


A couple of weeks ago, Shellie gave me Herman the Friendship Cake. I promptly renamed my cake starter to Francis, and today I baked the rest of Francis into banana cake.

Bye bye Francis. We’ve had some good times.


And finally, tonight’s dinner was at Yeonga in West Melbourne with Haz, Gaz and Mr SH.

We totally failed at organising dinner. Three food bloggers, and we still couldn’t pick a place that was open on Sunday or that we could get into . Eventually we ended up at Yeonga, which was pretty good, though I did find the food on the sweet side. This dish is spicy chicken topped with mozzarella cheese. Oh yeah.

Judgemental cat

Right, that’s all. I will leave you with Regal Judgemental Cat. How was your fortnight? 🙂