The weeks in brief: 22 April – 5 May


Hello everyone.

(I like belly rubs and cuddles.)

Plate pron

Right, the last fortnight. I did some plate proning. All the prettiness…

Snag stand

As for food, remember when I was obsessed with Snag Stand?

I visited recently after not being there in ages.

I had a chilli dog, which was still good, but they ran out of fries (what the what) so I ordered onion rings. Which were, sadly, pretty terrible. They were quite oily and the oil tasted old. I ate a couple and left the rest, which is how bad they were.

Simply Spanish

Last weekend dad kept muttering about eating Spanish fried rice (paella… haha…) so I took the parents to South Melbourne market. As well as paella we also ordered octopus, meatballs, and chips – basically way too much food for the three of us.


Then I bought coffees from Clement Coffee and couldn’t resist buying two of their salted caramel donuts to take home. Even though I was super full. They just looked really good, okay… (and they were).

Dial H

Can I please go off food for a second? (Of course I can, it’s my blog.) I bought this comic – Dial H – because: China Mieville. True to form, it was very weird and quite confusing.

(If you haven’t read any China Mieville books, I highly recommend them. They can be quite… imaginative and full on, but also amazing. In particular I love Perdido Street Station, The City and the City, and Embassytown.)

Mr Zebra

This weekend I went on an op shop crawl with Shellie, Hazzie and Thanh. We did pretty well – we managed to visit 12 op shops and the Vintage Shed.

I didn’t buy anything at the Vintage Shed (though I got a fair amount from the other stops – you’ll see in a few pictures) though I did fall in love with this stupidly expensive vinyl zebra. I mean, look at his face… (And I know, I like ridiculous things.)

I satisfied myself with a cheesy photo of Mr Zebra and myself and left him behind. Saved myself $48!

Barmah Park: 42

In the middle of our op shopping trip, we stopped at Barmah Park winery for lunch (disclosure: it was a comped meal).

Barmah Park

The meal was a little mixed – some parts were really good, and a couple of things weren’t so good. Our biggest problem was that the fried calamari was oddly sweet – like sugar had been put into the batter by accident – except it was also very salty at the same time.

Other dishes were better though – the pumpkin gnocchi in particular was awesome, and so was dessert. But I’ll go into detail in a later post.

Op shop

Oh and this is my haul from op shopping. 🙂



High Coffee

Today, Alastair and I went to Intercontinental Rialto for High Coffee – a take on afternoon tea, except with coffee instead of tea (disclosure: we were invited). We started with an espresso martini, then had cold savouries, warm savouries, scones, sweets, coffee, and then raspberry sorbet to finish.

I had ingested way too much caffeine and sugar by the end (hello shakes) but it was good fun.


I’ll leave you with another catspam. Have a lovely week!