The weeks in brief: 25 March – 7 April


Hi. ๐Ÿ™‚


First up: catspam. Hey goofball, you don’t actually fit in that box.


Food time. There was dinner at the Grosvenor to try out Shellie’s competition winning Banhmigeddon. It was the shiz. Shellie, if you ever need a new job, designing pizza flavours could be your new career.

Gong Cha

In other non-news, I’m still obsessed with Gong Cha.

Gong cha

Basically every time I’m in the city, I have to get one. (Milk foam oolong tea, little ice, little sugar.)

And one night I had a dream about going to Gong Cha. Um.


Took Bro and his gf to Byblos for dinner.

The food was good – the lamb skewers were fantastic. Bro’s favourite dish was the escargot – they were super duper garlicky.

Spring St Grocer

We skipped dessert and had gelato at Spring Street Grocer instead. Obsession #2.

Baby shower

April and Lky held a baby shower for Peanut. Do you think we had enough food?

Baby burgers

I made mini lamb and pork burgers on brioche buns. Baby burgers for a baby shower. ๐Ÿ™‚

Photo game

There was a baby photo guessing game, which was omg SO HARD.

(But look at me! I’m so cute! To the left, third one down.)


Alastair and I had lunch at Streat. It’s so underrated. This is the Seoul Cakes and Syrup (terrible name) – kimchi pancake served with pork belly, slaw and chilli caramel syrup.


This weekend saw a massive pub dinner at The Quiet Man. Alastair had this ginormous beef and guinness pot pie.

Pork belly

I had pork belly, which was okay, but my pork belly is better. (What? It is.)


There was Guinness too.

And check out the O for Awesome t shirt. (In David Tua’s defence, apparently he asked for an O for Olsen. But O for Awesome is much funnier.)


Yesterday I went to lunch at the new Fonda in Windsor (disclosure: I was invited).


We got to try some of the new items on the menu. Mhmm mhmm mhmm. More to come.

Peacock dress

Okay! Last night Shellie hosted a retro party to celebrate her birthday, along with April and Lky.

To go with the theme, we all had to wear something retro. I found this fugly dress at an op shop – look at that print. Also: high neck, long sleeves, drop waist, mid calf. ALL the things that I never never wear.

It was so ugly that the first thing Shellie said when she saw me was: “Wow, that really is an ugly dress.” Thanks babe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Retro party

And the food! Everyone brought something retro to the party. I made prawn cocktail and coronation chicken.

Unfortunately, this is the only iphone photo I have of the food because I ran out of memory. Buhbuhbuh.


This random kitty wanted to join the party. So cute!

Righto, that’s all. How was your fortnight?