Streat 2


I’ve written about Streat before, and I’m posting about it again because I think it’s a bit underrated.

The food at Streat is good, drawing inspiration from different cuisines and places around the world, so it’s not just about bacon, eggs and toast. They don’t need a slick fit out and the latest shiny coffee machines. I like Streat so much that it’s our second most visited cafe (after Reading Rooms).

Seoul Cakes and Syrup

When Alastair and I had lunch there the other weekend, I ordered the ‘Seoul Cakes and Syrup’ ($16) which was a kimchi pancake, topped with Asian coleslaw, slices of pork belly and a chilli caramel syrup.

My kimchi pancake could’ve used a smidgen more salt, but it was pretty tasty with the fresh herbie-ness of the coleslaw. And pork belly, yes, no more needs to be said.

Turkish Toast

Alastair had the very pretty Turkish toast ($15.50) – brioche and rosewater French toast, with rhubarb, pistachio marzipan and praline, and Turkish fairy floss.

Long Black

Another reason Streat deserves more love – their coffee is good too.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Streat. I’m a fan.

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STREAT Flemington
307 Racecourse Road
Flemington / Kensington
Phone: (03) 9372 3288