The weeks in brief: 25 February – 10 March


March is crazy festival month, so I have lots to tell you in this post.


But before we get into food and stuff, let’s do catspam. Look at fatty, he doesn’t even fit on the chair. Oh I love him so.

Figs and grapes

Right food. One of my current obsessions: fresh figs and grapes, both of which I have been scoffing huge amounts of. Yep, still obsessed with grapes (they have been so good – all crunchy and sweet). And joy for fig season! Oh yes! Lovely Maztech has been giving me figs from her mum’s tree and they have been amazing.

Golden Axe

Last week I went to a Golden Axe Cider launch at Union Dining (disclosure – invited event).

Check out them apples. I stacked them!

Union Dining

Also, can I just say how difficult it is to juggle a bottle of cider, a mini burger and take a photo at the same time?

Skills, I have them.

Off topic – did anyone ever play the Golden Axe game? I used to love it!

Spring Street Grocer

Afterwards I “requested” that Alastair stop the car on the way home so we could visit Spring Street Grocer for gelato.

We had pistachio, spiced fig, macadamia plus salted caramel and chilli. Mhmm, so delicious. I still can’t pick a favourite flavour.


Apparently I’m having a thing for frozen concoctions (there’s more coming in this post) because later in the week I also had frozen yoghurt.

What can I say – it’s been really hot.


Last weekend we went to the bi-annual Airshow. Oooooh jets and fancy planes and stuff.

Candied Bakery

We left early to beat the traffic and I put in another “request” for ice cream, stopping at Candied Bakery in Spotswood for soft serve, coffee and an almond croissant. 🙂 This was the peanut butter and jelly soft serve – so yum (though maybe a bit expensive at $4.50).

St Kilda

Last Sunday I had to get up stupidly early for a BBQ masterclass as part of the BBQ festival (disclosure – invited event).

BBQ masterclass

It was worth the early start though. I really enjoyed the class – we learnt about offset direct heat grilling. More on the class in a later post.

BBQ masterclass

Oh yeah and we had meat for breakfast. Quite a bit of meat for breakfast.


In the afternoon, I headed to the Speigeltent for a Jazz High Tea (disclosure – invited event).

It was lovely. The food was simple, and the music was great. Post coming up.

Proud Mary

This Friday I took the day off work to extend the long weekend, and met up with my friend Em for breakfast at Proud Mary.

The catch up was awesome, my breakfast (mushrooms on brioche) was delicious, but service was kinda sorta actually pretty terrible. Ho hum.

Proud Mary

Em ordered ricotta hotcakes – an outrageously massive serve. It looked great, but seriously the serving size was out of control with three massive hotcakes. She barely made it through half.

Gong Cha

I had early dinner plans later that night, so after breakfast I hung out in the city, went to the dentist (oh yay) and went to Gong Cha. There was a massive line and I queued up like a sucker so I could get my fix – oolong with milk foam. It was worth the wait.

(I also went again this afternoon and ordered the same thing. I also had to wait. I am a sucker.)

Rockwell & Sons

And then I met up with Haz, Gaz, April and Mr Food Trail for dinner at Rockwell & Sons.

We ordered five sandwiches and a couple of other things between the five of us. Mostly everything was really good – more on Rockwell & Sons later.

Oh, and where was Alastair? Have I mentioned that he has recently taken up diving (?) so I’m a diving widow most weekends. Husband, what husband?

It’s a good thing I have friends. :p

Op shop crawl

And yesterday? This happened with Haz, Thanh, Shellie and April. 🙂

We had such a good day. It was hot though – but fortunately not quite as hot as the last time we did a road trip.

Ciao Bella

Someone recommended Ciao Bella to Shellie, so we stopped there for lunch after spending a couple of hours at The Vintage Shed and Tyabb Packing House.

Lunch was good – their pizzas were really nice.


After that we drove to Mornington and had really nice gelato at Tutti Frutti (told you I’m having a thing for ice cream). It hit the spot.

Op shop haul

This was my haul from the op shop crawl, which includes the wood in the background. At Tyabb Packing House, we were given a whole lot of wooden planks from old apple crates – score! You will be seeing them a lot, I’m sure.


Aeropress coffee. Shit loads of ice.

I can’t tell you how good this coffee was when I finally arrived home after a long, hot day of op shopping.


Finally, today there was an afternoon cider session with Dany and Scott.


And snacks! We had fries, chicken drumettes, taro dumplings, chicken fritters and pork skewers (not pictured). Yum. I was super full afterwards, though it didn’t stop me from getting Gong Cha again. :p

Cloud porn

Enough blah blah blah from me. I hope you’ve all had a good start to March! Keep cool till after school.