The weeks in brief: 11 March – 24 March


Hi. Lots of random bits and pieces in the last two weeks.


Such as: cupcakes from Cupcake Central for breakfast. Peanut butter and jelly, and French toast.

Both flavours are totally breakfast foods, right?

Thermomix chilli

I bought a Thermomix recently and it is THE AWESOME.

This was a Thermomix dinner one night – chilli con carne.


The weather has cooled significantly. 🙁 Before it got colder, we managed to have dinner outside one evening.

Spicy Kitchen

We also had dinner at Spicy Barbie Chinese Kitchen Dumpling Love.

Spicy Kitchen

Yeah yeah, I know you’re probably sick of hearing about it. (Hi lamb ribs!)

Spicy Kitchen

Can I interest you if I talk about a new dish though? Spicy beef – dry fried, spicy, lots of cumin. Really GOOD.

Spicy Kitchen

You know what this is. 🙂

Casa Bottega

Last week I went to Casa and Bottega for a croquembouche class (disclosure: invited event).


Look at it! I made it!


I sort of also made a salted caramel Easter egg at Cacao. I went to an event earlier this week with a group of other bloggers (disclosure: invited event).

I thought I was suffering from the world’s biggest sugar crash (due to a massive hot chocolate at the beginning of the evening) but it turns out that I was coming down with a cold, so concentration levels were: o_o


I feel bad that I may have seemed uninterested when it wasn’t the case. My head was just all meep meep meeeeeeeep.

Hammer and Tong

Friday saw breakfast at Hammer and Tong with my friend Em. Feeling better, but not quite 100%.

And then I went home and prepared birthday lasagne for Alastair’s birthday. 🙂 🙂 🙂

I made so much lasagne… almost four litres of bolognaise sauce and a litre of cheese sauce.


And I got up early to bake cake.


AND I lugged beer home for him. Wife of the Year Award, thank you, thank you.

Birthday lasagne was amazing, btw. Well, I’ve been making birthday lasagne for the past seven (?) years, so if it wasn’t good, I’d need to have a big harsh talk to myself.


Finally, I’ll leave you with snuggleface. SNUGGLEFACE! 🙂