The weeks in brief: 11 February – 24 February


Hi and happy it’s MARCH NEXT WEEK. (How’s that for a downer?)

Okay let’s go go go go.

Yong tau foo

This fortnight has seen more yong tau foo.

Gong cha

And more Gong cha. This time I tried a milk tea with pearls (and foam) but I liked the black tea with foam more.


Here’s a quick dinner where I stir fried some pork with zucchini noodles and steamed broccoli. I ate it up with my new splayd, courtesy of Taz.


And in other spork related news, four new sporks have joined my collection. Eee. At least they’re small. It could be worse, I could collect boulders or something.



I baked alfajores – again. You should make them.

Steamed bun party

Thanks to April for hosting a steamed bun party last weekend, where there was copious amounts of pork.

Mr Fatness

Mr Fatness (that’s not actually his name) hasn’t featured in catspam for a while, so here is his silly squishy face for your catspam pleasure.


Last Sunday was all about the burger.

Heston burger

Our friends Craig and Katherine made burgers from a Heston at Home recipe. Mhmmmmm.

Coconut pannacotta pie

I made a no bake coconut and mango pannacotta pie for dessert. It was… not bad?

Well, it was good since I didn’t have to turn the oven on when it was 35Β°C+.

Soft shell crab

There was also dinner with Ms Penny at the Newmarket Hotel.

Newmarket Hotel burger

Even though we ate burgers for lunch, we still ordered a burger for dinner at Newmarket. Awesome burger is still awesome.


Catspam. πŸ™‚


Last night I had dinner at Piqueos, an Argentine street food restaurant, with Mazzle and Dazzle.

(This is grilled cheese.)

Dinner was nice. I may blog it at some point, but it was dark and my photos are a bit shit. SFBS.


After dinner we paid a visit to Spring Street Grocer for gelato.


Oh boy, they have such interesting flavours. A medium cup is $6.50 for three flavours. I chose cardamom, pistachio & turmeric, salted caramel & chilli, and fig.

Hard to say which one was my favourite… maybe the salted caramel and chilli, which had a nice salty spicy kick to it? Or maybe the fig? Hmmmm. I can’t choose.


After that we went to the White Night Festival, which was all kinds of awesome. Swanston Street was closed off and there were so many people.

WN Flinders St Station

Flinders Street Station in particular looked amazing. There was group singing live under the clocks. It was really fab.

White Night

White Night

Birramung Mar had this laser / water show over the Yarra.

White Night

And there were video installations scattered around the city.

White Night

Bridges were lit up, and different buildings around the city were lit up with different projections.

We only saw a tiny bit, there was so much more going it. I really enjoyed it.


Hope you had a lovely fortnight too. πŸ™‚