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Big Boy

“Dude food” must be one of the most annoying food terms that has arisen lately to describe the food trend of hot dogs, burgers, fried chicken and other fast foods. Errrrrk.

However, if you don’t mind that term, it could be used to describe Big Boy BBQ in South Caulfield. Big Boy BBQ’s food is American style barbeque, where meat is slow cooked using wood smoke to add flavour. This slow cooked meat is used as fillings for several sandwiches – The Dorothy, The New Yorker, The Carolina, just to name a few. But if you’re not after a sandwich, Big Boy BBQ’s menu also has chicken wings, ribs, sides and a variety of combos or meat platters.

Ribs and wings

Alastair and I visited late last year with A-Dawg and Cnc. The two of us shared the Wings’ N Ribs platter which comes with a serve of regular chicken wings, 1/2 rack of ribs and two regular sides ($35).

There are three options for ribs: Kansas City style spice rubbed pork, saucy glazed pork and saucy glazed lamb. I choose the first option. If you’re buying ribs separately, a 1/2 rack will set you back between $25 – $29, while a full rack is $50 – $55, so you definitely get more for your money with a meat platter.


Both the ribs and the wings were so good – the meat on them was tender and juicy.


One of our sides was the smoked beef chilli with brisket burnt ends and beans. It doesn’t look very appetising, but trust me – it tasted good.


And our other side was chips, which we used to scoop up the chilli.

Peanut butter pie

The four of us finished with a shared slice of peanut butter cream pie with chocolate ganache ($6.50). I love the combo of peanut butter and chocolate, and while this was nice, it wasn’t peanut buttery enough for me. In hindsight, a scoop of chocolate malt ice cream would’ve gone down nicely.


I may not be a dude, but I really enjoyed Big Boy BBQ. So I’d recommend it for both dudes and dudettes. :p (Sorry.)

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Big Boy BBQ
764 Glenhuntly Road
Caulfield South
Phone: 03 9523 7410

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