The weeks in brief: 16 November – 9 December

Hello! There’s a lot of non food photos mixed into this fortnight’s round up. So if you only come for the food – I apologise in advance.

But if you like cats, sunsets, shoes and nail polish – this is the post for you. šŸ™‚

Let’s get straight into shoes with a gratuitous shot of one of my favourites. It rained rained rained like crazy that day, and since they are plastic fantastic they were wonderful.

Last week I finished swatching all my nail polish. LOOKIT SO ORGANISED. I don’t mind admitting that I am totally getting my jollies looking at this photo. Heh heh heh. I am a freak and I don’t care!

Strawberries. They be good.

Last Wednesday we went to the Suzuki Night Market.

I blogged it here. šŸ™‚

Now that it’s December, my Christmas tree has gone up. Looking at my nail polish collection, it should surprise no one that my tree’s colour theme is blue and silver. šŸ™‚

Catspam. Double the cat goodness! It was really hot that day which is why they’re both all plonked out.

Last Saturday Maztech and I had an early combined birthday lunch at Loam with Alastair and Dazzle.

We went last year for our birthdays too.

We did the nine courses with wine matching. It was good, but… not as good as last year. Ah, that’s the problem with revisiting a place you loved, right? You can’t help but compare it.

I will write up our lunch properly soon.

Oh I slow cooked a lamb leg. The house smelt AMAZING for hours. Sweet, sweet, torture.

This week Alastair and I went to a very nice bloggers’ dinner at Captain Melville (disclosure: we dined courtesy of the restaurant).

I really enjoyed it. More to come on that dinner.

Man, this week was really busy. Taz hosted a seafood party at his place. Between 8 of us, we scoffed 4 dozen oysters…

And 6kg of mussels. Plus bread, champagne, beer, mango jelly and ice cream.

Oinky oink oink…

It was my colleague’s birthday on Friday and I tortured her all week about it.

I told everyone who would listen that her birthday was coming up. I put a banner up behind her desk. I threatened to send out an all staff email. I basically embarrassed the shit out of her. (I am so evil.)

I also baked her chocolate cupcakes, which sent me into a baking rage. I had to send Alastair out for ingredients twice and then I couldn’t make buttercream because I didn’t have enough icing sugar. (I thought it would be testing the marriage to send him out for a third time.) Mhhhhmmmmfffff.

They tasted bloody amazing though. Damn they were good. Haha.

This was a pizza at Mr Wolf: broccolini, roasted garlic paste, pancetta, mozzarella and gorgonzola. It was so so good.

Jagerbombs were handed out at Alastair’s work xmas party. And damn, red bull is disgusting. It’s been a long time since I drank it, and now I remember why. It is foul.

Awww catspam #2. SO CUTE. He was lying there kneading the air with his paws. Ahh, I’m dying from the cuteness.

Today we picked up my parents from the airport.

They only purchased one way tickets, so goodness knows when they’re going home.

We ditched them this afternoon to go to a wedding.

But we came back for dinner. Mum cooked. šŸ˜€ They have taken over the house and the kitchen.

I’m not complaining.

Yet. šŸ˜‰

Righty, right, that’s enough babbling from me. Have a nice week everyone. šŸ™‚