Looking back at 2012


2013 is just around the corner… I can’t believe it!

But before we get to the new year, let’s have a quick look back at 2012. I published almost 150 posts this year (!!!) and ate out A LOT. A crazy amount, actually. Probably a bit too much.

However. No regrets. 🙂

The best restaurant meal I had this year was at Astrid and Gaston in Peru.

It was just amazing, and I *loved* the usage of Peruvian ingredients, the twists on classic Peruvian dishes, and the whole story behind the meal.

My favourite dessert this year is actually a tie (because I’m hopeless at picking favourites).

One was Mr Hive Kitchen and Bar’s white chocolate, mango, basil and coconut.

And the other was Estelle’s olive oil and vanilla infused sponge with salted caramel, pepitas, and frozen sour cream.

The best dumplings go to Mr Huang Jin’s chilli XLB. A bit pricey, but look at that skin!

Most awesome burger was from the Newmarket Hotel. You know what, I didn’t even order this. Food envy.

Best beef/steak is a tie between Steer and San Telmo.

Best pork in 2012… well – we did a rather epic porkfest.

Though the tonkatsu at Gypsy and Pig was also rather good…

Akachochin had the best set lunch.

And there must be a best fried chicken – am I allowed to say my own? (So modest.)

And other things:

We kept going back to Chinese Spicy and Barbie Kitchen again and again and again. What can I say, their lamb ribs rock.

2012 was also the year I borrowed an Italian mother and made sausages.

I am a bit slow sometimes, but I *finally* made it to Chin Chin and Movida.

There were also a couple of celebrity shout outs. I met Fast Ed at an apple masterclass.

And Peter Gilmore cooked me lunch. Yep, totally BFFs. (Bhaha.)

Oh yeah and if you’ve been UNDER A ROCK (or if it’s your first time here), I also went to Machu Picchu and Peru this year. Peru was awesome. The walk to Machu Picchu was not. 😉 (PS: I only have a couple more South America posts to bore you all with.)

All in all, 2012 was pretty fantastic. Hope yours was too, and that you have a great NYE. See you in 2013.