The weeks in brief: 29 October – 11 November

Hello hello!

I hope you had a lovely weekend – today was GLORIOUS. Sunshine is my friend!

So, in the past two weeks, we did heaps! First up: Mr A-Dawg hosted a chocolate ice cream party.

We all bought a tub of chocolate ice cream and had a taste off! (Adrian also cooked us some fantastic food beforehand so it wasn’t just a big sugar rush.)

We rated the Ben and Jerry’s first – it was goood, though I think that may’ve been due to the chewy fudge brownie. Bloody Movenpick, which I bought, we rated second to last. Boo! It was stupidly pricey too.

Yeah, we’re piggies. Whaaaaaaaat.

In the evening, Alastair and I left for an engagement party (congrats again Kat and Lucas if you happen to be reading this!).

They have ruined me for all future engagement parties, because now it’s not a decent engagement party unless there are two kinds of meat on a spit. I will decline any future engagement party invites that don’t deliver on this.

The day after, we hung out with A-Dawg and CnC again. We worked off some calories playing badminton, and then promptly got them back (and then some) with lunch at Big Boy BBQ.

This is the wings and ribs platter. It was super tasty. The ribs were awesome.

I love this time of year, because Melbourne Cup comes around. Four day weekend, it was mine.

On the day of Melbourne Cup, Maztech hosted sausagefest.

We had cheese for breakfast.

Breakfast of champions.

I didn’t read the invite properly (or at all… cough) because sausagefest was a competition. I brought along sausages for the BBQ but oh, we were meant to present them creatively? Yah, totally missed that part.

Bro and his gf were on the ball though, and made nacho hot dogs. Winner winner.

Also, in the horse sweeps, I got the winning horse (thank you Green Moon) AND the losing horse. Who’s the winner now, huh!

This week we also had dinner at Moon Under Water.

It was okay? More details to come.

AND (because apparently we hadn’t eaten out enough this week), Ms Celeste was in town so we had dinner at Hutong Dumpling Bar.

It was my first time there. I know! And I thought… it was okay. I didn’t like the dumplings as much as the other food. The xiao long bao were okay, nothing amazing (skins weren’t very thin, there wasn’t that soup, the filling wasn’t that tasty) and I wasn’t a fan of these pan fried dumplings (too doughy, and the filling was bland).

The other food we ate (and there was a lot) was quite good though.

After all the eating out, last night’s dinner was stir fried faux noodles. Well I had faux noodles, Alastair had real noodles. 🙂

The brand is called SlimNoodle / SlimPasta and they’re made from Konjac – they have no taste (seriously) and are chewy. Alastair said it’s like jellyfish, so if you’ve ever eaten that, the texture is a bit similar but not quite as chewy.

And today Kat hosted afternoon tea. It was great.

We had sandwiches (lobster, smoked salmon, egg, ham), lemonade scones, friands, madelines, mini cheat banoffee tarts, and fruit punch.

I mostly just had fruit though.

Hey, you didn’t think I’d finish without a dose of catspam, did you? 🙂

Finally we are at the end, my friends. Have a lovely week!