The weeks in brief: 12 November – 25 November

It has been a fairly big couple of weeks. Even the cats are exhausted. 🙂

In the past two weeks, there was a visit to Mr Huang Jin for their excellent dumplings. And I’ve blogged it already. Go me!

There was also a visit to Taste of Melbourne last Thursday.

I baked some friands. So easy. But now I have six egg yolks sitting in the freezer. What should I do with them?

Hello froyo (ahh I really dislike that word but I can’t stop myself from using it. Bad!) This was first lunch one day last week… and then when I got back to the office I had second lunch. 🙂

Yo-chi in Balaclava have a honey soybean flavour that is REALLY GOOD (well, if you like the taste of soybean). I also liked the chai and coconut. Chocolate was okay.

Sometimes I go for a walk and end up returning with a stack of stuff. No, I didn’t need all this chocolate but I went crazy in the shop. I haven’t tried any of the chocolates yet but I’m really looking forward to cracking into the Tabasco one.

This week I went to The Tasting Table for some wine tasting (disclosure: it was a PR invite). We tasted our way through rather a lot of wine – they have quite a range.

And they also have several of these wine cabinet machines that dispense wine (and keep open bottles fresh). Oh I love a gadget. 🙂 I wish I had a wine shop like this closer to my house!

We hardly ever have fish and chips, but on Friday night I decided it was what I wanted. There was a 25 minute wait – for fish and chips! Insanity.

Sadly, the fish wasn’t as good as it used to be. The fish and chip shop in the village used to make fantastic fried fish, but it was a bit dry this time. Boo.

I ate so many chips that I went into a carb and oil coma. Zzzzzzz.

Yesterday, I was so happy. The weather was beautiful and it was finally HOT.

Perfect for a bloggers’ picnic by the lake.

BBQ masters Taz and Shellie were in charge of cooking sausages but it took them forever… like 1 hour 20 minutes forever… there was some excuse about a crap barbeque, no oil, blah blah blah BLAH. :p They must’ve just been slowcooking the sausages. Heston would be proud.

Fortunately as people turned up, so did food. And it wasn’t all sweet food – rejoice!

It was a super chilled out day. It was so nice to hang out by the lake in the warmth. Love!

In the evening Alastair and I headed out to another engagement party. While there wasn’t two kinds of meat on a spit, there were baby burgers, so I deemed it acceptable.

On to today: it turned out to be another glorious day and we went cherry picking.

It was funnnnn. But Alastair picked significantly more than me, then told me I should stop because we had too many cherries. EXCUSE ME. :p

After cherry picking we headed into Healesville and had an average lunch. Oh well.

The next stop was White Rabbit Brewery for a beer. Their dark ale was really nice.

After beer we went next door to Beechworth Bakery and I picked up a couple of things for afternoon tea – a snickerdoodle and a French vanilla slice. The snickerdoodle (the berry tart) was nice but the French vanilla slice was particularly excellent.

Tonight’s dinner: nachos. Quick and easy because I made bolognese yesterday after getting home from the picnic and I used it as a base. Past-Agnes is the best. She’s so thoughtful.

How are you all? Did you miss the catspam? 🙂