The weeks in brief: 8 October – 21 October

First up: cat spam is back. Hoorah!

Secondly, I racked up a lot of eating in two weeks. And it was a *struggle* trying to recall it all. Now I remember why I do these weekly.

We arrived back in Melbourne on a Sunday, and Alastair had an additional two days off work before he had to head back (whereas my lazy ass took another two WEEKS… hellz to the yeah). On the Monday we went to The Premises. I had their spiced beans with chorizo and feta which were fricken awesome.

We ate out again for breakfast on the Tuesday – this time heading out to Replete in Hawthorn for corn fritters. Well, Imma gonna blog it, so you’ll have to wait to see what I thought. 🙂

That evening there was beer.

And then we went to the Orto Kitchen & Garden’s Deck Series launch (disclosure: invited). They’re holding movie nights, Sunday sessions and classes on the deck through summer.

Sidenote: what is going on with my wrinkly thumb?? I swear it doesn’t look that wrinkly IRL…

We supped on cocktails, ate canapes and enjoyed the deck until it started raining. And then – boy, did it rain.

Last weekend we had breakfast at Reading Rooms cafe (which I still haven’t blogged about, despite the fact that we’ve gone there tons of times). I had their banana bread, served with banana, dulce de leche and ricotta. Yeah, banana bread is *totally* just an excuse to eat cake for breakfast. It was really good, but it was quite a big serve. Half would’ve been perfect.

Also last weekend – food bloggers’ potluck. I cooked Chinese radish cake and pressure cooker black bean spare ribs.

We ate lots. And then played trivia. So fun! Thanks to Wince for organising. 🙂

Alastair talked me into having dinner at Donwoori aka secretkorean.

Yep – still good. They are SO NICE THERE I LOVE THEM.

Earlier this week I took Bro to an event at Mon Bijou Penthouse at the Adelphi Hotel (disclosure: invited). It was the GQ Speakeasy hosted by Belvedere Vodka and GQ Australia and we sampled the newly released Belvedere Unfiltered courtesy of a few cocktails.

Eg: vodka martini. Come to mama.

(Though to be honest, I do prefer a gin martini over a vodka one.)

On Wednesday I headed to the Arts Centre for another event (disclosure: invited).

At the beginning of July, the Arts Centre have taken all their food and beverage services in-house (it used to be contracted out). We traipsed through five different venues in the complex, tasting tidbits as we went.

There’s a room in Hamer Hall that has a couple of Oscars on display. Cool, hey?

The food was okay – general catering food, really. The best part was going on the stage at Hamer Hall for dessert. (Tho desserts were WEIRD. Example: chocolate covered confit garlic. No just no. Seriously – NO.)

On Friday I met a friend for breakfast. I had coffee at Proud Mary beforehand. I need to go back for food – everything looked really good.

And then in the afternoon, Chef Peter Gilmore from Quay in Sydney cooked lunch for me. Yeah… that’s how I roll.

Haha. Okay, the truth is, I was invited by Electrolux to a masterclass hosted by Peter Gilmore at the Electrolux Cooking School at the Queen Victoria market.

It was a great couple of hours and the food, as expected, was fantastic. 🙂

Yesterday, Alastair had breakfast at Streat, and I had a coffee and dog watched. Look at this dog! So cuuuuute. So grumpy and pudgy and ahhhhhhhhhh.

Okay, enough with the dog spam spazzing. Here’s Alastair’s breakfast of baked eggs.

Sorry, this post is epically long. We are now up to TODAY.

Today, I edited photos until my eyeballs wanted to fall out and die die die. That’s definitely one drawback to shooting in RAW. I culled ruthlessly and I still had over 650 photos to edit.

In between wanting to gouge my eyes out, I also baked cake – lemon yoghurt cake. Can I talk up my own cake? It was so soft and fluffy.

Also I’m pleased to say that I have finally finished editing ALL of our holiday photos. You cannot believe how happy this makes me. Joy joy joy joy joy!

This is now the end. Rejoice!