Replete Providore: corn fritters

Rumour has it that the best corn fritters in Melbourne are from Shellie’s kitchen. This is currently unconfirmed because, despite my non-subtle hints (ie: “When are you making me corn fritters, Shellie?”) I haven’t been able to wrangle an invitation to trial them.

I had heard that Replete Providore in Hawthorn also do rather good corn fritters – apparently ones to rival my current faves at Mart 130. Alastair and I had a day off recently, and took the opportunity to try them out.

We started with a round of coffees, which were fine. I loved that they came with a mini shortbread biscuit. Yay. 🙂

Foodwise, we both ordered the corn fritters, thereby commiting a major food blogger sin of ordering the same dish. I was actually tempted to order something else because other items on the menu looked good, but I stuck to the reason we were there.

Replete’s corn fritters come with bacon, sour cream, avocado, and sweet chilli ($17) and on both our plates were three massive fritters. The fritters themselves were nicely fluffy, with a decent amount of corn kernels. The bacon was good, the avocado was good, the sour cream was good. But the let down for me was the sweet chilli sauce. I’m just not a fan of it. I found it too sweet and overpowering and it didn’t let the sweetness of the corn shine.

So in the battle for supremency, while Replete’s were good, due to my personal preference (death to sweet chilli!) they don’t edge out the top contender in my corn fritter lovin’ list.

Therefore, until Shellie invites me over (hint hint hint), Mart 130 rules supreme.

Now tell me corn fritter fiends – where’s your favourite place for them? Recommendations, please!

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Replete Providore
302 Barkers Road
Phone: (03) 9818 4448

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