Peru: Puno – Pacha Mixology Bar

During our time in Peru, we spent a couple of nights in Puno, a port city located at the edge of Lake Titicaca. And guess what we came across while there? A bar that makes molecular cocktails.

Anyone who knows me will know – I WAS SO THERE.

Puno is quite a touristy town, even though the place itself isn’t that exciting. Most people seem to use it as a base to head to Lake Titicaca (post on that to come).

So what did we do in Puno? Well, we ate food, wandered the main streets, went to the market to buy gifts for our Lake Titicaca homestay, and visited Pacha Mixology Bar, which has the previously mentioned molecular cocktails… plus karaoke – a very strange mix.

Alastair and I tried three of their cocktails. First up was the Cuba Libre molecular – 14 soles (~ AUD$5.50).

A regular Cuba Libre is made with cola, lime, and white rum but ours came out smoking away in three test tubes. The bottom of the tubes held alcoholic jelly spheres that fizzled on the tongue like bubbles. I assume the rest of the liquid was rum and cola – with a high proportion of rum because it was pretty damn potent.

We also tried a Coca Sour nitro (15 soles). A Coca Sour is a take on the famous Pisco Sour, using coca-leaf-infused Pisco, which makes it a bit more herby.

At Pacha they froze the cocktail using liquid nitrogen, which turned it into an adult alcoholic slushie. So cool (no pun intended) – it went down easily and sweetly.

I made sure I wandered up to the bar to observe the cocktail making process. 🙂

Oooh liquid nitrogen, hullo!

Our last cocktail was the Titicaca molecular (15 soles) – like the Cuba Libre molecular it was presented in three test tubes with alcoholic jelly spheres at the bottom.

I have no idea what was in this one. The spheres may have been made with blue curacao? Whatever was in it, it was both sweeter and stronger than the Cuba Libre.

We had to be up early for an 8am bus the following morning, so we left it at that! Yes, very adult.

It was a pretty awesome bar – though I reckon the prices would be high by Peruvian standards. Obviously not by Australian standards though. Can you imagine paying less than $6 for a cocktail in Australia? Yeah…

Pacha Mixology Bar
Jr Lima 370, Puno