Collins Kitchen, Grand Hyatt: afternoon tea

Note: this is a scheduled post while I’m on holiday. But I’m back really, really soon!

My gorgeous friend Hazzie is getting married this week. 🙂 I’m REALLY sad that I’ll be missing her big day, but I have no doubt that it’ll be all things wonderful.

Before I went away, Shellie roped “the gang” (me, Taz, April and Kat) into a surprise bridal afternoon tea for our dear friend. I lied to Hazzie to get her to the venue by telling her I needed a lunch companion as Alastair was busy. Sneaky alert!

The six of us message each other every day, so it was really difficult to keep quiet about it – I think we only managed to keep it a secret by barely talking to one another leading up to the day.

Shellie did the set up and did an amazing job – she made sugar cookies and even put together show bags for us – check out her post. She had even thought of a hashtag #hazhightea 🙂

Afternoon tea at Collins Kitchen is $52 per person in the weekend and includes a glass of sparkling on arrival, a tier of finger sandwiches, unlimited tea/coffee and access to the dessert buffet. The sandwiches were air dried wagyu, egg salad and smoked salmon and cucumber.

There was also a tier of cake slices, but there was more cake and sweets available at the dessert buffet.

The dessert buffet has a few savoury items – the best was these warm croissants with cheese and salami.

In addition, there were two other savoury items – mini bagels and vegetable wraps. Sadly there was no sandwich refills, but we consoled ourselves with croissants.

Moving on to sweet stuff! There was a pot of churros and accompanying chocolate sauce.

Plus lots and lots of scones with cream and two types of jam. The scones were great and one of my favourite things there.

Creme brulees had a perfectly torched layer of sugar to crack and tasted good, but were a bit runny.

Pavlova was excellent – they had a layer of custard underneath the cream and fruit. Genius!

There was also a range of nine mini cupcakes.

Sadly, they looked better than they tasted.

The buttercream was too oily, and the cake wasn’t great. The pistachio cupcake was the worst, tasting strongly of fake almond essence.

Oh well, no biggie. There was plenty of other sweet stuff to keep us happy!

Such as the ice cream bar with several flavours and toppings.

I tried the raspberry sorbet, which was pretty good, and a scoop of rhubarb ice cream. The rhubarb was underwhelming – overly milky.

We had a lovely time celebrating Hazzie’s upcoming nuptials. While not everything was great, I’d still recommend Collins Kitchen for an afternoon tea. It’s reasonably priced compared to other ones in the city, and there was still enough good stuff to make it worthwhile. Check out Hazzie’s post on her blog for her take on the day.

Here’s to Haz and Gazman. Have a fantastic wedding and an even better marriage, you two.
Love your Dastardly friend. xx

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Collins Kitchen, Grand Hyatt
123 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9657 1234