Peru: Lake Titicaca – Amantani Island homestay

So. Lake Titicaca. Teehee.

Go on. Get it out of your system. πŸ™‚

Lake Titicaca is located in the Andes on the border of Peru and Bolivia and happens to be the highest navigable lake (by commercial watercraft) in the world at an altitude of 3,812m (12,507ft) above sea level. It’s also the largest lake in South America by volume of water and has a maximum depth of 281m. Basically, it’s massive.

The week in brief: 22 Oct – 28 Oct

Happy almost November! (AHHMYGAWD.)

Oh and the story behind this photo. This cat loves the beanbag, and he loves it the most when I’m sitting in it. I got up for thirty seconds and the little bugger stole my seat. He always does it! Whenever I’m on the beanbag I can see him eyeing me up, just waiting for an opportunity to claim it for himself.


Replete Providore: corn fritters

Rumour has it that the best corn fritters in Melbourne are from Shellie’s kitchen. This is currently unconfirmed because, despite my non-subtle hints (ie: “When are you making me corn fritters, Shellie?”) I haven’t been able to wrangle an invitation to trial them.

I had heard that Replete Providore in Hawthorn also do rather good corn fritters – apparently ones to rival my current faves at Mart 130. Alastair and I had a day off recently, and took the opportunity to try them out.


Peru: Puno – Pacha Mixology Bar

During our time in Peru, we spent a couple of nights in Puno, a port city located at the edge of Lake Titicaca. And guess what we came across while there? A bar that makes molecular cocktails.

Anyone who knows me will know – I WAS SO THERE.


Peru: Colca Valley / Colca Canyon

I liked Peru. I really liked Peru.

In fact, I may love Peru a little bit.

I know when the love part happened. It was when we went to the Colca Canyon. From Arequipa, we boarded a mini bus that took us into the mountains. As we entered the mountain highlands, the scenery became more and more spectacular.


Competition: Cooking class with Peter Gilmore

Is Quay in Sydney on your list of places to eat but you haven’t quite made it there yet? How about the next best thing? How about attending a cooking class with Quay’s chef, Peter Gilmore, instead?

Peter Gilmore will be holding a class on Friday 19 October, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, at the Electrolux Cooking School at the Queen Victoria Market and I have a double pass to give away to one lucky person.

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post and I’ll draw the winner randomly. Make sure you include a valid email address when you comment – it won’t be published, but I’ll use it to contact you if you win.

This competition will close at 10am this Thursday 18 October, and I’ll email the winner for details straight away. If you’re entering, please ensure you’re actually available to attend the event – remember it’s this Friday 19 October starting at 6:30pm at the Queen Victoria Market.

Good luck! πŸ™‚

Update: This competition has closed. Congratulations Daisy! Hope you enjoy. πŸ™‚

Peru: Arequipa – San Camillo Market

I’m still trying to get back into the swing of things since arriving home. I have lots of stories to tell and way too many photos to edit (editing photos makes me want to cry. wah wah guitar.)

I’ll start with this post on Arequipa: Peru’s second largest city, with a population of over 800,000 (incidentally, Lima is Peru’s biggest city with 9 million people – big difference, hey?). Arequipa is quite pretty – it’s located in the Andes mountains and is overlooked by three volcanoes – and it has many colonial-era Spanish buildings that are built from a white volcanic rock.

While there, we did one of my favourite things – visit a market. Yay!

Collins Kitchen, Grand Hyatt: afternoon tea

Note: this is a scheduled post while I’m on holiday. But I’m back really, really soon!

My gorgeous friend Hazzie is getting married this week. πŸ™‚ I’m REALLY sad that I’ll be missing her big day, but I have no doubt that it’ll be all things wonderful.

Before I went away, Shellie roped “the gang” (me, Taz, April and Kat) into a surprise bridal afternoon tea for our dear friend. I lied to Hazzie to get her to the venue by telling her I needed a lunch companion as Alastair was busy. Sneaky alert!

The six of us message each other every day, so it was really difficult to keep quiet about it – I think we only managed to keep it a secret by barely talking to one another leading up to the day.

Shellie did the set up and did an amazing job – she made sugar cookies and even put together show bags for us – check out her post. She had even thought of a hashtag #hazhightea πŸ™‚