Marmalade and Soul (Closed)

Just like I occasionally choose to read books based on the cover, sometimes I visit a restaurant or cafe just because I like the name. That’s how Alastair and I ended up breakfasting at Marmalade and Soul. I thought it had a cute name, and that was reason enough for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

Marmalade and Soul is located in North Fitzroy and I think it’s aptly named. There’s something really sweet about the place.

We arrived on a Sunday morning, and they were busy, but not completely packed. Alastair and I took seats on the large communal table in front of the kitchen. This also meant I was right in front of a cake dome of marshmallow slices. Ahhhhh temptation alert!

After looking at the breakfast menu, I decided very quickly that I wanted the cassoulet of baked bean chorizo, chipolata and crunchy garlic bread ($17).

Doesn’t it look good? It was good: tender beans in a rich, slightly spicy sauce, with chunks of sausage and big cubes of very crunchy croutons.

Alastair hadn’t had coffee yet, so the menu had him a bit stumped. Eventually, he decided on the BET – bacon, your choice of eggs, and toast, which came with bernaise sauce ($16).

It used to be that Alastair’s favourite breakfast was eggs benedict. Unfortunately, after a food poisoning incident several years ago, he can no longer stomach hollandaise. So he left the bernaise behind – it was too close to hollandaise for his liking. But the bacon and eggs were good.

Well, after sitting in front of the marshmallow slice for the ENTIRE MEAL, I got rid of the temptation by giving into it. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was served up a massive rectangle of soft marshmallow studded with bits of dried apricot and coated with shredded coconut. And it was only $4. It was really, really good, but it way too much sugar for one person. I’m sad to say that it left me defeated!

I enjoyed Marmalade and Soul. Their breakfast menu was interesting and inventive, though it might be a bit cryptic for people not hugely into their food. They also open for lunch and dinner (Wednesday – Saturday), which is on my list to check out sometime. And hopefully on my next visit I won’t be seated in front of cake or sweets again.

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Marmalade and Soul
162 Queens Parade
Fitzroy North
Phone: 03 9486 2740

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