The week in brief: 20 August – 26 August

This week: cakecakecakecakecakecookiecakecakecakecakeicecreamsandwiches.

But before we get to the cake: corn fritters ahoy.

Normally I eat salad for lunch when I’m at work, but on Monday it was so cold in the office that I couldn’t stomach it. Alastair has been working up the road, so we met for lunch. (Yay!) πŸ™‚

This was his lunch – I had soup, but it wasn’t attractive enough to be photographed. Poor soup.

Last week I braised rather a lot of pork belly in a soy masterstock. This week I used it by stir frying it with whatever vegetables I could find in the crispier. Ah, super deliciousness. I was rather sad when it was all over.

Shitty mornings + carrot cake = the world is okay again.

This slice of carrot cake was incredible. It didn’t actually look all that good at the bakery, but it was amazing: so moist and cakey. And the cream cheese icing… ahhhh… I was going to ask my colleague if he wanted half, but once I had a bite I decided against sharing. HAH.

Oh leek and gorgonzola pizza, why you so ugly?

This week we saw the fab Adrian and CnC for pizza and movie action.

This time I didn’t pay an outrageous movie tax for ice cream – we went to the Sun Theatre where they have $4 choc tops.

These were the Pina Colada ones – white chocolate, coconut ice cream and a pineapple lolly. Really good. πŸ˜€

The lovely Hazzie is getting married in October. We (Shellie, Thanh, April, Kat and I) surprised her this weekend with her first hen’s do – afternoon tea at the Grand Hyatt. YAY.

Shellie did the organising and even put together show bags for us. She did an amazing job – go Shellie. πŸ™‚

We had a lovely time and ate a lot of cake. Afterwards we went to Daiso. Best afternoon ever.

Today I got up early to bake cookies. Party animal.

Cookie baking was for lunch with our friends Em and Mark. As soon as their kids came in, they made a beeline for the cookies sitting in the container on the kitchen bench. Eeek I forgot that children have eagle eyes when it comes to sweets. There were almost tears when they couldn’t eat a cookie straight away. I know how that feels. :p

For lunch we had lasagne, and can I just say: I make a kickass lasagne. Yes, modesty is my middle name, how did you know?

For dessert the cookies were turned into ice cream sandwiches. Yeah!

Bro jazzed his up by spreading the cookies with peanut butter before putting ice cream in the middle.

Best. Idea. Ever. I highly recommend.

Oh hello, suitcase catspam. πŸ™‚

That was my week. I’m aiming for less cake next week. πŸ™‚ Hope you have a lovely one.