The week in brief: 13 August – 19 August

This week: wine, wine, wine, egg, egg, eggy, and awwwwwww kitty!

This week there was the Curly Flat wine dinner at Middle Park Hotel. I sooooooooooo needed wine that night – my mind was a total fried egg.

(Total and full disclosure cos that’s the way I roll: we attended in exchange for the photos from their last wine dinner.)

I was definitely in the right place for wine, good food and epic pork. How big is this piece of pork? (It was big.)

But not as big as this piece of fish that I had at Pacinos. You know what? I was surprised to find that it was pretty good. Their pizzas looked okay too.

Speaking of fried eggs… this mini frying pan is *perfect* for cooking a single egg. I originally bought it just as a photo prop, but now I actually use it all the time. Go figure!

Hey, do you like video games? Game Masters is on at ACMI until October. We went to check it out with Adrian and CnC.

Funniest moment: watching people play Dance Central – particularly these two guys who kept going back for more. Heeeeeee. People have no shame.

While at Game Masters, Alastair and I came across this fantastic game called Botanicula. It’s this funny, whimsical game about five tree creatures who are trying to save a seed from parasites. It is SO. CUTE. We played it for a bit at Game Masters and bought it today when we got home.

It’s beautiful and it’s so funny. We played about an hour today and it kept making us laugh because it’s so cute. If you like cute whimsy, try the demo or BUY IT. (It’s only $10.)

After Game Masters, we had pre-ramen hot chocolate and CAAAAKE. I (inadvertently) skipped lunch so I was getting pretty hungry by the time we got there. Lamington to the rescue!

After pre-ramen hot chocolate, the four of us met up with the rest of the karaoke crew for pre-karaoke ramen at Ramen Ya. 🙂 🙂

Ramen was only just okay. Karaoke was much better.

And finally, today Alastair and I had brunch at Marmalade and Soul. This was Alastair’s meal – check out that egg. Oooooze.